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Welcome to
Ultima Labs

At Ultima Labs our goal is to simplify and automate the daily activities of managing and monitoring your customers’ environments to allow you to focus on service value. Our suite of products allows you to provide a more proactive, higher value service at lower cost, enabling you to deliver new services and automate existing, add more value, and grow your customer base. Without expanding head count.

Challenges You're Facing
Customer Satisfaction

​​​​​Customers are demanding more for less, and keeping up with those demands can be difficult

Recuring Revenue

Avoid unpredictable large one-time deals to give you predictable and stable monthly revenue streams

Resource Cost Control

Complex cloud environments are difficult to contain and manage, increasing management expenditure


Democratised platforms grow larger and more quickly as services are consumed by empowered employees, making it hard to track and therefore manage

Our Suite of Products

Eliminate your surface automation challenges. Remove the reliance on image-based RPA technologies and combat the need for complex infrastructure VPNs by enabling simple and robust automation through standard user Citrix or RDS sessions.


Our IA Cloud platform allows you to deliver new services and automate existing, add more value and grow your customer base. Without expanding your head count.  You can increase your customer satisfaction levels, your customer retention and your Azure Consumed Revenue. But best of all, you can switch on and go in a matter of minutes.

“We’ve built a true community of intelligent automation pioneers, innovators, developers and doers at Blue Prism. This community is our lifeblood, which enables us to deliver one the most versatile and successful digital workforces on the planet. Congratulations to Ultima Labs for showing us what’s possible and for making Blue Prism truly the sum of our parts”

Linda Dotts
Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism
Meet the Ultima Labs team
Amyn Jaffer
Head of Ultima Labs
Matt Beale
Pre-Sales Architect
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With so many people working from home, the move to a cloud first strategy has accelerated rapidly. For service providers this means new workloads and optimised workloads, rolled out in timescales considered inconceivable by previous standards. This can be challenging. How do you provide the high service levels needed for growth while controlling costs to remain competitive?  Get in touch and partner with Ultima Labs.

Partner With Us