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IT leaders are under constant pressure to do more with less money. Being constantly bombarded by outside influences such as partners, vendors, industry forums and industry analysts all saying that the time is right to move to the cloud.

About Nutanix

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making infrastructure invisible so that diverse IT teams can focus on the applications and services that power their business.

Ultima's Capabilities

As a Nutanix Cloud Professional Partner, we have vast experience in implementing Nutanix to address your storage challenges such as performance and capacity, whilst also providing a scalable future proofed Hybrid Cloud platform.

Simplifying your Hybrid Cloud

Whether you are running applications as traditional VMs or leveraging modern container technology, Nutanix automates infrastructure operations and application delivery across public and private clouds.

Nutanix hybrid cloud solutions unify management across clouds, while enabling seamless mobility of applications and data between disparate environments. Deliver each application from the right cloud, but without added complexity.

Seamless App Mobility

Use the same software platform on both private and public clouds, enabling you to deliver applications from public clouds such as Azure or AWS, exactly as you do with data center infrastructure.

Let Ultima with Nutanix eliminate the operational complexity of a hybrid cloud, and gain the ability to extend, burst, or migrate your applications and data into the cloud of your choice.

Software Portability

Manage your applications and IT resources across clouds, utilizing the same operational practices and existing third-party integrations for a common experience. Eliminate the need to separately develop and maintain different operational and troubleshooting practices for each cloud environment.

One Skill Set

Avoid vendor and cloud lock-in with portable software that can move with your applications and data across clouds. Get a consistent consumption model spanning private and public IT environments, so you can confidently plan your long-term hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, maximising the benefits of each environment.

Public cloud benefits with private cloud control

Businesses need the simplicity and agility of public cloud with the performance, security, control, and economics of a private cloud. Built on industry leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software, Nutanix private cloud bridges this gap, keeping your revenue and reputation secure.

Why Ultima and Nutanix?

For a number of years, Ultima have supported its customers with their complex projects and our team of datacentre experts are here to guide your transformation journey, with unrivalled 24x7 support. 

Start Your Hybrid Cloud Journey

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