Vulnerability Management

We can help you develop a reference architecture that paves the way for implementing good security practices across building blocks such as user, endpoint, data, application, platform, network and physical infrastructure

A Rise In Breaches

The average data breach in 2021 cost £3.2m and took 287 days to identify and contain (IBM), while 57% of cyber victims disclosed that their breach was directly attributed to an unpatched vulnerability in their systems (Ponemon Research). While we all like to think that it will never happen to us, the continual exposure of networks and services means it is increasingly common for organisations to be successfully infiltrated.

Advise - Testing Across The Estate

Our testing services ensure your business is hardened against malicious attacks, conduct remote exploitation using common social engineering techniques such as phishing, telephone attacks and human manipulation to gather information and infiltrate systems

Penetration Testing (AE)

From physical social engineering and pen testing, to wireless security and website testing, we provide a range of vulnerability assessments, designed to simulate in the way an attacker would gain access to systems and information

Anti Phishing Assessment (AE)

An up front consultant-led service which imitates real phishing attacks in a safe and controlled fashion to increase security awareness, with custom-designed educational material which aims to provide employees with the tools and skills needed to reduce the threat of phishing attacks in your business.

Patching Audit

Using discovery tools to illuminate all four corners of your environment, we provide a comprehensive report that highlights recommended patches on a per-server / per application basis, so you can take immediate action or choose to enrol in Ultima’s Patch Management as a Service.

Vulnerability Scan

We can help you make sense of the dangers facing your organisation, reviewing systems against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) registries to help determine a prioritised remediation plan

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Receive insights on the health of your critical infrastructure, with severity scores to aligned to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), allowing responders to prioritize resources according to threat.

Deploy - Security Architecture Planning

From poor configuration, legacy systems which fall outside of vendor support and neglect, to ineffective security policies and a lack of investment in security awareness or training, there are many reasons why an organisation may become more susceptible to attack over time. Our security practitioners are able to develop solutions that cover everything from identity and access management, patching and firmware updates, security operations and business continuity management, to IT assurance and compliance

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Engage & Develop - Security Remediation Services

Even the most well-intentioned and resourced enterprise can only remediate a small proportion of vulnerabilities found. This is because they often lack the skills and experience to implement the changes needed, hindered too by budget, projects and other higher priority activities. Tracking remediation efforts can often lead to the list remaining static or even growing, as new exploits are discovered faster than existing ones are overcome. And when everything is a priority and remediation deadlines are looming, staff find themselves working ineffectively, jumping from case to case and problem to problem, often without knowing if they are working on the right thing.

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Manage - Patch and Vulnerability as a Service

With threats coming from multiple directions, including attacks on your data centre and endpoint devices and persistent threats which can remain undetected for long periods, it is important to have a robust security strategy, backed by tools that can provide heterogeneous coverage, across a wide range of systems.

Patch Management as a Service

Reduce the threat footprint facing your organisation and meet compliance obligations, with three tiers of service, aimed at providing flexibility over what you want patched.

Anti Phishing as a Service

Designed to reduce the probability and impact of social engineering, our anti-phishing campaigns are underpinned by over 200 email, SMS and landing page designs, with custom educational material aimed at providing employees with the tools to reduce the threat of attacks.

Knowledge Lab

Informative and interactive courses give employees the confidence to understand complex cyber security threats. We teach users how common social engineering techniques such as phishing and tailgating, are used to steal information, before giving them the skills they need to defend against these threats.

Managed Vulnerability Management

Based on the industry leading Qualys VMDR, combined with its powerful lightweight Cloud Agents, Virtual Scanners, and Network Analysis, bring together automated asset identification and categorisation, real time vulnerability and mis-configuration detection, automated remediation prioritisation and flexible architecture.

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We look at your business holistically, identifying the additional security controls that might be needed (e.g. anti-virus or next-generation firewalls), alongside where they should be placed to best protect your employees, data and services. We work with security and compliance teams, system owners and administrators to define and implement the right course of action, from introducing a comprehensive patching regime to enforcing policies to strengthen authentication

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