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The Threat Landscape is Evolving

Protect your organisation from the increasing methods of attack

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Identify risks and vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure

A networking and security solution should be flexible enough to suits your needs - including cloud adoption, distributed data and mobility - while protecting against advanced malware threats.

With an ever-changing threat landscape and advancements in technology, maintaining a strong cyber security strategy is critical.

Remain compliant with the latest legislation and ensure your data, and that of your customers, is always secure.

How secure is your organisation?

Threat Analysis

Gain instant visibility of significant risks to your network including zero day malware infections, botnet traffic, unauthorised applications, sensitive data leakages

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Vulnerability Assessment

Simulate attacks on apps, systems, people or facilities with penetration testing to identify weak points in defences following our Check Point health check 

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Infrastructure Review

Define a baseline of your infrastructure in order to document findings and compare against industry best practices. Both the express and standard offerings include a Cisco Firewall health check 

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Cyber Essentials

Obtain certification with the Cyber Essentials Scheme following a gap analysis of your infrastructure to demonstrate your level of security control to customers and end users

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An Average Day in an Enterprise Organisation

Cyber Security Map

*Source: Check Point Security Report 2016

Every 81 Seconds a known malware is downloaded

Every 5 Seconds a host accesses a malicious website

94% of Companies used at least one high-risk application

Every 32 Minutes sensitive data is sent outside the organisation