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Charity Partner

Proud to support Dogs for Good

Dogs for Good

 Dogs for Good is an innovative charity; exploring ways dogs can help people overcome specific challenges to enrich and improve lives and communities. 

The charity's values of an individual approach, innovation and collaboration echo Ultima's own values - ensuring that our approach and outlook are in synergy.

As well as being a Puppy Partner, we are also working with Dogs for Good to provide hands-on events and workshops for customers; alongside education and help with their IT transformation project to the cloud. 

dogs for good charity

Dogs for Good Puppy Partner

Since 2016, we have been supporting a puppy, named Poppy, through her first year of socialisation and training - this includes breeding and welfare costs, equipment and support to their volunteer socialiser. 


Fundraising Activities

  • 'Name the puppy’ competition
  • Dogtober - a month-long fundraising event which included a bake sale, raffle and hot dog van
  • Challenge Event
  • Reading Half Marathon

Dogtober Goody Bags

Dogtober Hot Dog Van

Staff Meet & Greets

“We are delighted that Ultima is taking such a different approach to sponsoring and partnering with us. Not only are they enabling us to train another dog, they are also ensuring we stay ‘IT fit’ for the future...Ultima’s expertise will ensure we utilise IT solutions to the best possible effect.” Cathryn Simpson, Dogs for Good Corporate Partnerships Manager