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Digital Workspace

Modernise your digital DNA with a new take on the end user computing stack

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Optimise Productivity & User Experience

It is vital to optimise employee productivity. Employees need access to applications and data, alongside a multi-platform experience.

As organisations grow, it can be challenging to provide universal access, and a unified experience, across all your applications.

Ultima provides you with modern day workspace solutions that support your employees. The result? Secure, easy access applications and data - irrespective of location and device.

Want to benefit from secure and collaborative user access?

Workspace Advisory Service

Create a comprehensive workspace strategy to embrace consumerisation, tackle shadow IT, enable mobile working and avoid distributed security networks utilising our advisory services framework.

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Windows 10

Contemporary operating system with security and mobility at its core, which brings simplified imaging and management capabilities

Office 365 & Skype for Business

Tool-set to enable remote collaboration, while Skype delivers productivity and messaging cloud applications, enabling flexibility and mobility

Microsoft EM+S

Includes Intune, Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection to secure PCs and mobile devices, user identities and data

VMware Workspace ONE

Includes VMware AirWatch and VMware Identity Manager to secure PCs, mobile devices and user identities in a simple and secure enterprise platform

Microsoft App-V

Virtualised applications to various platforms at once, reducing management overhead and improving user experience

Ultima uLogon

Developed by Ultima in-house to provide customised end user environment management across various endpoints and platforms 

Ivanti Environment Manager

Consistent user environment enabling user mobility and increasing end user experience

Virtual Workspaces with Citrix Cloud

Platform for provisioning legacy applications or those that need to be hosted in a centralised environment

Addressing the Challenges

Using best-of-breed technologies we provide users with a contemporary, collaborative and highly secure workspace ecosystem which embraces modern working practices. Designed as much for a dynamic workforce as it has been for the teams that support them, it simplifies and automates common management and administration tasks, while providing a rich, unified and consistent user experience.

De-coupling employees from the constraints of the past, Digital Workspace ushers in a new era of functionality, productivity and teamwork, eradicating traditional organisational and IT boundaries.

- Secured Mobility

- Harmonised UX

- Self Provisioning

- Evergreen

- Remote Collaboration

- Identity Monitoring

- Enhanced Access Control

- Improved Productivity

- Unified Endpoint Management