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Don't Let Your Data Run Out of Control

Storage solutions that solve challenges around backup and disaster recovery

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Storage Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

When the expansion of data reaches a point whereby a decision is made to replace the existing infrastructure, there are four main on premise storage options which you could look to adopt. 

Let our qualified data centre and storage specialists provide insight into the deployment & migration process, before designing, delivering, configuring, testing and moving data across to your new infrastructure - there's no need for you to stress.

Is your data out of control?

Storage Advisory Service

We'll give you best practice guidance through a review of your existing storage infrastructure and associated business needs

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In-Depth Storage Review

A comprehensive review providing visibility of the configuration, condition, and performance of your existing storage infrastructure

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Reasons to reassess your storage

Data Growth -  Modern storage solutions provide up to 500 TB of storage in as little as 1U of rack space and reduce usage by as much as 80%
Control and Agility - Storage platforms typically require in-depth knowledge of both networking and virtualisation, presenting additional complexity and scaling issues
TCO Reduction - Demands and IT budgets are being pushed harder each year, as data growth remains a constant threat to businesses
Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) - As data grows, so do backup windows and DR replication cycles, often becoming less reliable as a result

Traditional Storage

Systems usually scale out and up, with this comes flexibility with disk setup, controller sizing, controller numbers and flash/disk ratios

Disruptive Storage

Products are designed to fit a niche requirement, often with virtualisation in mind, where the complexity of a traditional array is considered overkill


Allows for simplified deployment, management and support with the hypervisors, compute and storage platforms, all managed through a single vendor relationship

Software Defined

Vendors have emerged creating software to enable local storage within servers to be used as a storage area network for block storage