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Cloud Development Services

Streamline your software delivery production line

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Improve Team Productivity & Business Agility 

Cloud development services are about making teams more productive, improving business agility and responsiveness, through the adoption of DevOps principles. We can help your development and operations team collaborate better to improve overall stability, increase speed of release and provide process transparency, through the introduction of new processes, tools and culture change.

If you want to explore DevOps further - from defining visible processes to building your very own pipeline - we can show you how.

Streamline your software production today

Cloud Development Advisory Services

Develop a comprehensive DevOps strategy within cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure models through a proven four-stage methodology.

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Cloud Development Agile Workshop

Get started with modern development methodologies and practices and identify their strengths and weaknesses and how they fit your requirements.

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Cloud Development Pipeline PoC

Prove your chosen DevOps pipeline design not only looks good on paper, but adds desired value to the business before making further commitment.

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Microsoft TFS to VSTS Migration Service

We can assist in migrating your Team Foundation Server to Microsoft’s cloud-equivalent SaaS version called Visual Studio Team Services.

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Robot Arm

Reasons to embrace Cloud Development Services:

  • Remain Competitive: being dynamic means you can go to market faster and utilise the power of elastic cloud computing to gain ground competition.

  • Departmental Silos: prevent detrimental, disconnected decision making and adopt necessary changes to promote growth and innovation.

  • Reliance on Individuals: spread knowledge throughout a team of specialists to ensure support is always available in times of need.

  • Production Challenges: don't sacrifice quality to remain competitive and go to market quickly - get buy in from the wider business first.

Bring your Development and Operations Teams together

DevOps Loop

We offer a wide range of strategic and tactical offerings to help you automate and modernise your development practices, utilising industry standard software including Microsoft toolsets, Jira, Jenkins, Bamboo and Git.

Whether you’re starting a born-in-the-cloud project, or modernising an existing solution, we can help to drive business value.