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Modern Data Centre Solutions

The ever-changing technological landscape has demanded a change in the structure and nature of data centres. Agility, scalability, speed and efficiency have become common phrases that the modern data centre needs to respond to.

Today’s business challenges demand robust, secure IT solutions that scale with your business. Never have we asked more from our IT environments, which is why at Ultima, we work with you and your team to find the right blend of solutions for you.

Explore our Modern Data Centre solutions including:

Data Centre Optimisation Hybrid Cloud Cloud Management with OMS

Cloud Development Services Storage Solutions Cloud Application Architecture

Disaster Recovery as a Service Hyperconverged Infrastructure Backup & Replication

  • The Modern Data Centre allows for Diversity with cloud and on-premise solutions


    • Do you have services being delivered from multiple locations?
    • Do you need a mixture of cloud and on-premise workloads?
    • Do your IT requirements constantly change and evolve?
  • The Modern Data Centre is designed with Risk & Security considerations in mind


    • Do you need your security platform extended to the cloud?
    • Are your workloads restricted to your on-premise platform due to dependencies?
    • Do some workloads require strict data sovereignty requirements?
  • The Modern Data Centre enables Agility to allow organisations to scale as required


    • Do you need to move on-premise workloads to the cloud?
    • Are you able to dynamically scale services without costly on-site upgrades?