Endpoint Detection & Response

Benefit from leading Endpoint Detection and Response technology plus the expertise and threat intelligence to leverage it, 24/7.

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint Security covers the protection of a connected device such as a Desktop, Laptop or Server. Endpoints are some of the most vulnerable hosts in any organisation meaning they are commonly targeted by criminals.

Award-Winning Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response from Ultima takes traditional Antivirus solutions to the next level. Our service continually monitors your endpoint devices beyond the scope of AV. Hosts are continuously monitored for anomalies or suspicious activity. In the event of an incident being detected we can act upon it for you 24/7 down to machine isolation or automated playbooks.

Qualified Experts

A team of dedicated security analysts, engineers and researchers trained to the highest standards

Cyber Incident Response

Agnostic technology approach means we can support multiple different vendor solutions to deploy the right tool for your environment and threat detection needs.

Tried And Tested Processes

Compliance with ISO9001, ISO27001 & PCI DSS for adherence with best security practices

Integrated Intelligence

Threat research from leading providers and latest intelligence from leading exchanges such as CiSP

Cyber Incident Response

Experienced incident responders on hand to help investigate and remediate breaches

Advanced Analytics

Custom-developed behavioural analytics, proprietary algorithms to detect attacks

How can a Managed EDR service from Ultima help?

Early detection of attacks targeting endpoints is vital, but without a team of security experts to leverage the power of the latest EDR technology and proactively hunt for threats 24/7, your organisation is unlikely to achieve the improvements in threat detection it seeks.

Ultima's Managed Endpoint Security service eases the challenge of 24/7 endpoint monitoring, supplying the latest technology, an around-the-clock team of security operations centre experts and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence for a cost-effective monthly subscription.

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Core Business Benefits of EDR

Our Managed EDR service supports your organisation’s security and business requirements by:

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced visibility through our EDR toolset means that we can cover all the endpoint activity, and can be benchmarked against the Mitre Att&ck framework

Mitigate Risk

By using our EDR solution, our security experts can mitigate risk including automated IR playbooks and host isolation

Boardroom Confidence

Significantly reduce information security risk and enhance boardroom and investor confidence

Improved Efficiency

Improve efficiency by enabling in-house teams to focus on fixing rather than discovering threats

Easy Billing

Avoid up-front investment in expensive, complex and resource intensive technology

End-to-end Support

Receive end-to-end help and support detecting and mitigating complex security vulnerabilities

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