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Managed Patch and Compliance

It only takes a crack in your defences to be exploited, before a catastrophic breach can irrevocably damage your business and its reputation. 

Why Choose Managed Patch and Compliance?

By not keeping your applications and operating systems up to date, stability, performance and on-going supportability can be adversely affected. Our patch and compliance service overcomes the limitations of patch Tuesday and the challenges presented by diverse IT environments.

$3.62M cost of a data breach

With a 27.7% likelihood of a recurring material data breach within the next two years 
(Ponemon Institute)

57% of cyber-attack victims

Could directly attribute the breach to an unpatched vulnerability in their IT system
(Ponemon Research)

2.7B records stolen in 2018

Including over 2.7 billion unique email addresses and passwords, posted on the dark web in January 2019
(Ponemon Institute)

31% of organisations

Have experienced cyber-attacks on operational technology in the past 12 months

Why Patch?

Given that a significant proportion of external breaches are due to unpatched vulnerabilities, a poor patching regime can have catastrophic consequences on systems, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property.

These breaches erode consumer trust and can lead to significant legal implications. From corporate espionage to financial motivation, criminals are constantly on the look-out for organisations who are behind on their security mitigation activities, so they can exploit them.

Our Patch and Compliance Services

Our patch and compliance service overcomes the limitations of patch Tuesday and the challenges presented by diverse IT environments. This service includes:

- Three tiers of service, aimed at providing flexibility over what you want patched
- We keep servers, applications and endpoints patched, using a phased approach to reduce risk
- Reduce the threat footprint facing your organisation and help you meet compliance obligations
- We take on responsibility for discovery, setup, patching and status reporting
- Automated and auditable for reduced strain on your IT and compliance teams

“Often de-prioritised in favour of more pressing activities, patch management as a discipline plays a crucial role in an organisation's ability to fend off threats, while improving stability and functionality. Our service overcomes these challenges, leveraging automated tools with actionable insights.”

Russell Bulpitt
Principle Technical Consultant
Key Benefits
Fully Automated = Risk Mitigated

Remove the problem of having to continually monitor and manage the patch process, with a phased, automated deployment schedule

Powered By Ivanti

Identify and patch vulnerabilities across servers, endpoints, operating systems, and over 100 application vendors

Managed Release Cadence

We continuously monitor patch sources, including those from known ISVs, automatically adding new releases as they become available

Maintain Patch Goals

We can provide regular compliance health checks, allowing you to satisfy internal audits and gain insights over your threat footprint

Failed Patch Reporting and Roll Back

Roll back for supported platforms, where the package fails to install correctly or leads to conflicts or stability issues post-deployment

Automated Inventory

An automated discovery routine interrogates the farthest reaches of your environment to establish the asset and application scope

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