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Intelligent Automation
Managed Blue Prism Cloud

Ultima skilled resources can configure a pool of flexible digital workers and automate core business processes, removing mundane tasks from their human counterparts on a platform which requires no application re-architecture.


The Overarching Challenge

For any organisation, deploying intelligent automation requires an investment in skilled resource to configure the infrastructure, build, and implement robust automated processes. Given this investment, it is critical to deploy automations rapidly to start to realise the return on investment.

The Solution

Providing an end to end managed service which includes monitoring and maintenance of a customer’s processes and infrastructure. Most managed service providers only support the application and data layer, however, using our wealth of development experience, we are able to identify and tackle any issues that may arise.

How We Can Help

Our team of specialists will procure and configure the environment, before undertaking the capture and development of any chosen processes. Once fully automated and tested, the solution will be deployed and closely monitored, reacting to any process or environment issues.

This approach allows small to medium enterprises unlock the benefits of intelligent automation without the need to upskill internally or recruit the required resource.

Key Capabilities
Process Automation

RPA uses software to emulate human interaction with applications and systems, using a standard user interface which is non-disruptive and permits automation across any electronic interaction or application.

Traditionally RPA has struggled over Citrix, Microsoft RDS and Microsoft WVD, however, Ultima’s in-house solution allows for frictionless automation to be extended to these softwares.

Intelligent Automation

Virtual workers exploit AI in the form of Cognitive Data Processing, for the simulation of human intellect through learning, reasoning & self-correction. This extends their ability into handling unstructured interactions.

Business Intelligence

Data sits at the core of business transformation, providing insights which help with critical decision making and trend analysis. Our Technical Consultants and Business Analysts will work together to ensure your data is relevant and accessible before combining it to provide dashboards and visualisations to transform the way you see your business.


Ultima are both proactive and reactive when it comes to the management of the platform and processes to ensure that the customer experiences the maximum benefit from their investment.

Our specialists will handle tasks such as antivirus patching, server maintenance and licensing updates on the platform to ensure that all components are secure and functioning as required. In addition, monitoring of the process outcomes allows for potential optimisations and enhancements to be factored in, leading to a further increase on the return on investment.  

“Our Intelligent Automation services are aimed at making automation accessible to all enterprises, allowing them to achieve the maximum from a digital workforce. By owning the platform and the associated automations (development and deployment), Ultima is ensuring the customer's investment is maximised through FTE redeployment, and the streamlining of processes whilst adhering to industry best practices.”

Craig Linsdell
Lead Automation Consultant
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