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Enhanced 24x7 Service

Enable your valuable IT infrastructure to benefit from 24x7 remote polling and alerting

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24x7 Polling & Device Notification

Ultima maintenance support doesn’t just focus on repairing the hardware fault, we are an extension of your IT support team, tasked with ensuring the ‘restoration of service’ against pre-determined SLA’s.

When your systems are down, having a trusted single point of contact who proactively keeps you up to date with call progress to resolution is invaluable.

Want one number to call?


Devices are pinged every 5 minutes, every day. If the device is down longer than 3 consecutive pings, an alert is automatically generated.


The alert is sent to multiple addresses requesting confirmation that the device is down; an SMS service can be set up as an optional extra.


Full asset and maintenance details are held on the Ultima CRM system for ease of access and escalation.


The call is logged and can be handed over to your maintenance engineer or specific resolver group for resolution.