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Not Just a Repair...

Let us be an extension of your IT support team

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Break/Fix Services

We deliver nationwide break/fix support for a range of hardware vendors. Our dedicated team is experienced in delivering a high level of customer service, so from the time a call is placed, to when your issue is resolved, you can be sure of total quality.

Ultima maintenance support doesn’t just focus on repairing the hardware fault however. We are an extension of your own IT support team in ensuring the ‘restoration of service’, including configuration and software reloads against pre-determined SLA’s.

Want one number to call?

Reactive Break/Fix Service

• 24 x 7 technical centre for call logging and ownership
• Service delivery management
• Experienced and accredited site familiar engineers
• Ease of administration
• Proactive reviews with call statistics
• Emailed call alerts and web based call tracking

Proactive Break/Fix Service

• A device is pinged every 5 minutes, day in, day out
• If the device is down longer than 3 consecutive pings, an alert is automatically generated
• Maintenance details are held for ease of escalation
• Calls logged and handed over to our maintenance provider for resolution

Why use Ultima Maintenance Services?

Benefit from customised SLAs up to a 24x7 and 4-hour break/fix - 85% of the UK can be reached within 1 hour.

Enjoy centralised management for all maintenance services, with a single point of escalation.

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