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The Enterprise Agreement from Microsoft used to be the answer to all organisations' licensing requirements. It can still be the answer for many – however is it still right for you?

What Is The Enterprise Agreement?

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement/ Enterprise Subscription Agreements are designed for organisations with more than 500 users, and an annual payment that is fixed for the 3-year term on selected products. With the options of either purchasing software licenses perpetually or on subscription, a pricing plan can be found to suit your budgetary requirements.

What to Expect From Ultima

By selecting Ultima to manage your Microsoft licensing, you will be supported by a team of highly qualified resources who are always available and do not stop once the agreement is signed. We continue to work with you throughout the course of your agreement, always looking for new ways to maximise and enhance your Microsoft investment.

Monthly Licensing Newsletter

Keeping you up to date with the latest product and licensing news

Annual Account Planning

Personalised roadmap of services and deliverables to help you achieve project and business requirements

Quarterly Reviews

We schedule in advance quarterly review meetings, which can be more frequent if required

Online Services Management

Proactively monitoring and managing licenses provisioned in the cloud

Proactive Product Licensing Updates

Informing you monthly on the latest product, licensing and agreement changes and updates

License Change Management

Manage your license entitlements and historic (grandfather) product rights

Why Choose Ultima?

Ultima have established a team of specialists to manage all aspects of your licensing estate. You can expect a personalised license management service, designed to suit your IT strategy. We will plan a roadmap of services that will be delivered to enable you to effectively license and manage your software estate, whilst making the most of your investment and benefits.

"Ultima hold a unique position amongst the UK Partner Community by being able to leverage both or technical design and implementation skills, along with extensive understanding of Microsoft licensing models. What makes us different is that our key focus is to ensure that we are working with you day to day, understanding the changing needs of your organisation and proactively suggesting ways to improve your Microsoft licensing solutions".

Catherine Newton
Microsoft Alliance Manager
Free License Advisory Session