Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is changing the way in which the world operates. It’s disrupting every industry and breaking down the traditional barriers between people, businesses and things, and in doing so, it’s helping to create new products and services and inspiring better ways of working.

Why Choose Intelligent Automation?

By integrating intelligent automation into your organisation, we can transfer the basic repetitive and mundane tasks from your human workforce to a digital worker, freeing up capacity.

According to a McKinsey report within the Financial Services sector, “43% of activities are automatable using intelligent automation” with Deloitte outlining that the “payback of implementing Intelligent Automation was less than 12 months”.

80% of Companies

Implementing or scaling out RPA indicated a more satisfied and productive workforce - Deloitte

50% Of Tasks

Will be fully automated by 2024, helping to augment and automate workers, rather than replace them – IDC

300% Increase

In productivity when utilising Intelligent Automation solutions from Ultima

Our Key Intelligent Automation Solutions
Microsoft Power Platform

Turn great ideas into impactful, insightful solutions. Development of low-cost, streamlined business solutions that can remove any time-consuming elements of traditional solution development such as a powerful UI, complex workflow automation, and complex code to leverage and automate tasks within O365, Dynamics, and Azure.

Blue Prism

Development of Blue Prism processes, leveraging a wealth of development experience to implement an enterprise-grade RPA solution. Our close partnership with Microsoft has meant we are able to integrate with Azure Cognitive Services, amongst other solutions.

Ultima’s belief in delivering high quality automation services is a core tenet to our business. The advantages it provides in improving accuracy and efficiency of business processes, both internally, and for our customers, is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. With a breadth of experience and range of offerings across multiple technologies in this space, we aim to provide the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand.

Mark Elliot
Practice Lead – Modern Workspace
Remote Working Case Study

Organisations around the world found themselves needing to enable remote working at great speed and scale, in order to continue functioning. Ultima utilised its business continuity plan entailing a number of different technologies and tools to mobilise its workforce of 400 employees within a day, in order to maintain productivity.

Automation is Essential for Modern Business
Meet our Intelligent Automation Team
Mark Elliott
Practice Lead for Modern Workspace
Craig Linsdell
Lead Automation Consultant
Lee Drinkwater
Intelligent Automation Team Lead
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