JML Edition

Discover how Labs can automate your new joiner, mover and leaver processes. 

Why should you automate your JML processes?

As employees move through their lifecycle, your organisation’s concern evolves from enabling productivity to protection of your company’s data. A poorly defined and badly executed Joiner process means your new employees not only take longer to reach their potential value but are also more likely to be disenfranchised with your business due to poor user experience.

"Organisations with a standard onboarding process experience
50% greater new hire retention."

Equally, a Leaver process that isn’t executed in a timely and consistent manner could introduce
significant risk to corporate data, particularly in today’s world of ‘access anywhere’ SaaS applications.

"At least one in three ex-employees are left with access to systems
or data after leaving their company"

The Answer To This Is Automation

We've spent years automating Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes for our customers. Now, our patented SaaS platform, IA-Connect: JML Edition, provides you with an easy and robust automation solution - and we've integrated this with Microsoft Power Automate.

JML workflows are built within Power Automate, augmented by IA-Connect’s intuitive Inspector, and our tailored JML-focused actions make it easy to build and manage your automated processes. By automating your JML processes with IA-Connect, you can:

Increase UX

Give your employees access to the right systems from day one to not only improve end-user experience, but increase productivity.

Increase your security posture

By eliminating errors in these critical business processes you can ensure that user rights are assigned correctly and revocation of access is actions promptly and reliably, reducing your exposure to data leakage.

Rapidly realise ROI

IA-Connect includes 600+ pre-built actions to quickly and easily build your automated JML processes, spring boarding your journey to more efficient and robust processes.

Free Up Time

Reduce the workload on your internal teams and eliminate those mundane tasks so they’re able to focus on what really matters to your business.

How Does It Work?

Getting started is easy and whether you decide to go it alone or to lean on us, you can be up and running in no time.  IA-Connect integrates with Microsoft Power Automate cloud-flows to provide you with an intuitive, SaaS-based solution that requires no on-premises infrastructure.

1. Process Mapping

The existing processes are mapped out at a high level with any permutations and exceptions.

2. Turn Into An Automated Workflow

Tight integration with Microsoft Power Automate makes IA-Connect unique. Workflows are built within Power Automate, augmented by IA-Connect’s intuitive Inspector. And unlike other automation solutions, IA-Connect includes specific, tailored JML-focused actions to make it easy to build your automated JML processes.

3. Automated Workflow Is Made Live

Automations are productionised and managed through the standard Power Automate workflow portal. And as IA-Connect is capable of so much more, non-JML focused workflows can also be built and managed in the same way.

What Makes Us Different?

Traditional onboarding solutions such as Identity and Access Management systems help us to manage our Joiners, Movers and Leavers using policies. These rely heavily on target systems having available APIs and connectors to enable and disable access. This works well for contemporary and cloud-based systems but often not so well for web portals, legacy or bespoke systems and those on-premises applications that are core to your onboarding process for providing things like VPN and building access.

JML processes extend far beyond just providing access to your core applications.

The introduction of any manual steps in the end-to-end process for Joiners, Movers or Leavers introduces risk of errors and delays. By automating the entire process using IA-Connect: JML Edition, you can be confident that your systems are secure, and your users are getting the best possible experience.

IA-Connect: JML Edition Pricing

We aim to be truly transparent with our pricing models to enable you to understand your projected return on investment up front. We don’t shy away from publishing our pricing because we have nothing to hide, and we believe it’s our competitive cost of ownership that helps our customers to realise ROI faster.

Licensing is made up to a standing charge for the IA-Connect bots - these are the digital workers that actually carry out the work – plus a consumption charge per process run which is dependent on how many joiners, movers and leavers you have in any given month.

IA-Connect Free Trial

IA-Connect: JML Edition is available to try out, free of charge for 30 days. As the JML Edition is powered by Microsoft Power Automate it requires access to a licensed or trial version of Power Automate. Click below to get started.

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