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Modern Data Centre
Hybrid Cloud Modernisation

Strategic planning, consulting services and a complete cloud management platform to revolutionise your Private to Public cloud solution.

The Challenge

Having to replace or upgrade your critical business infrastructure every few years can result in significant and unpredictable CapEx costs, as well as increased risk associated with complex workload and data migrations. Alongside the logistical considerations, the additional administrative overhead can result in fragmented support, slow response times and a poor return on investment.

The Solution

Cloud platforms provide highly available, hyper-scaled services. At their core, they deliver an ever-growing ecosystem of products and services that can be consumed on a subscription based, pay-as-you-use model. Other key benefits include global availability, location mobility and unlimited scalability.

“Once the transformation project is underway, Ultima can manage your cloud instances under the ITIL framework, eliminating uncontrolled change through standardisation and configuration management”.

Serge Meeuwsen
MDC Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect

​​​​​Key components for providing a good foundation to a Hybrid Cloud solution

AI Ops

For management and monitoring (sometimes called a cloud management platform), which collects data insights and runs intelligent analytics across your systems on-premises and in the public cloud. These continuous insights and recommendations enable your IT services to run smoothly and avoid disruption.

Compute Platform

It’s critical to select the right virtualisation platform to extend into the public cloud or to devise a strategy to create a platform to host virtual machines/containers. This will enhance flexibility and future-proof your multi-cloud strategy.

Data Lifecycle Strategy

You need to implement a complete strategy for data storage, protection and management across on-premises and in the public cloud. This provides continuous visibility on where data (both structured and unstructured) is located, which allows you to apply logic on data storage and protection level for different data classifications. In turn, this allows you to choose the most effective platform to drive down costs and improve performance and efficiency.

Network & Security

Software defined networks and an intrinsic security design are crucial for enabling workloads to be migrated between on-premises and in the public cloud whilst preserving consistent network connectivity and security profile wherever you decide to place the workload.

Hybrid Cloud Testimonial

Ultima were engaged by a marine insurance company who had recently decided to transition to a cloud-enabled Devops model for its entire application development lifecycle, to give the business a significant time-to-market advantage for new services and the ability to scale those services infinitely once they were in production.

However, they valued the predictable costs and performance of on-premise data processing, which allowed developers and testers to consume resources without fear of cloud overspend. The result? a “Best of Both worlds” solution for all testing & development in the company – Azure Stack with Ultima Business Solutions. Ultima worked with the customer to deploy the servers, networking and storage and configure into a working stack and, in a very short space of time, had existing development systems migrated over from the previous VMware platform using the customer’s existing toolset.

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