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Ultima’s Cloud Practice offers consultancy, delivery services and 24/7 technical support for all aspects and stages of your cloud transformation journey.

Ultima's Hybrid Cloud

We have taken the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and augmented it with our own additional skills and services. Based on our existing breadth and depth of experience in traditional on-premises and data centre workloads, which we have blended with a modern cloud-first approach, we are able to offer the best of both and deliver a truly compelling hybrid cloud operating model.

Why Choose a Hybrid Cloud?

Businesses are often calling on their IT departments to deliver IT services faster, more cost effectively, and with the ability to dynamically scale-up and scale-down whilst ensuring that the data and services are securely protected both from the data centre to the public cloud and to edge sites.

This has been a huge challenge for organisations to provide such a service in an agile manner whilst still maintaining the standard management and security controls for a rapidly changing landscape, which in turn drives up the total cost of ownership.

Perceived Complexity

Hybrid security looks more complex on the surface when compared to private and public clouds individually, however this is not necessarily true when you consider everything together.

Compliance & Governance

Some compliance and governance models may be wildly out of date and thus do not even consider all the benefits and associated impact they might have.

Supply Chain Security

Multiple vendors can introduce unwanted weaknesses in your security. Ensure they adhere to the same standards that you do.

Misconception 1: Just Another Data Centre

Using “proven” security models may degrade the security posture.

Misconception 2: Secure By Default

The security frameworks and tooling may end up being unused.

Misconception 3: Limiting Access

Limiting access does not necessarily reduce the attack surface.

"Security is complex and even more so in a Hybrid Cloud world. Experience is invaluable and it really makes a huge impact on timelines, deliverables and cost. Avoiding sleepless nights and unnecessary media attention is our goal for you when we’re delivering your next Hybrid Cloud Solution.”

Angus Mack
Head of Cloud Services
Deliver an innovative Azure hybrid cloud experience

As organisations modernise their IT infrastructure, they are increasingly turning towards hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which integrates compute, storage, networking, and virtualisation into a single platform with a unified management plane. HCI platforms can accelerate the transition to hybrid multi-cloud and enable simple and rapid mobility of cloud-native applications between the public cloud and an on-premises private cloud.

Ultima's Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

​​​​​Key components for providing a good foundation to a Hybrid Cloud solution

AI Ops

For management and monitoring (sometimes called a cloud management platform), which collects data insights and runs intelligent analytics across your systems on-premises and in the public cloud. These continuous insights and recommendations enable your IT services to run smoothly and avoid disruption.

Compute Platform

It’s critical to select the right virtualisation platform to extend into the public cloud or to devise a strategy to create a platform to host virtual machines/containers. This will enhance flexibility and future-proof your multi-cloud strategy.

Data Lifecycle Strategy

You need to implement a complete strategy for data storage, protection and management across on-premises and in the public cloud. This provides continuous visibility on where data (both structured and unstructured) is located, which allows you to apply logic on data storage and protection level for different data classifications. In turn, this allows you to choose the most effective platform to drive down costs and improve performance and efficiency.

Network & Security

Software defined networks and an intrinsic security design are crucial for enabling workloads to be migrated between on-premises and in the public cloud whilst preserving consistent network connectivity and security profile wherever you decide to place the workload.

Hybrid Cloud Testimonial

Ultima were engaged by a marine insurance company who had recently decided to transition to a cloud-enabled Devops model for its entire application development lifecycle, to give the business a significant time-to-market advantage for new services and the ability to scale those services infinitely once they were in production.

However, they valued the predictable costs and performance of on-premise data processing, which allowed developers and testers to consume resources without fear of cloud overspend. The result? a “Best of Both worlds” solution for all testing & development in the company – Azure Stack with Ultima Business Solutions. Ultima worked with the customer to deploy the servers, networking and storage and configure into a working stack and, in a very short space of time, had existing development systems migrated over from the previous VMware platform using the customer’s existing toolset.

Why choose hybrid cloud for enhanced security?
1. Choice

Allows you to choose where to place workloads and data based on compliance, audit, policy or security requirements.

2. Maturity

Connects the different services and components that make up a hybrid cloud through open, secure and encrypted channels.

3. Scalability

By using the appropriate methodology and tooling, you can more readily scale to the enterprise level by simply tapping into an additional resource.

4. Flexibility

It minimises data exposure and allows enterprises to customise and create a more flexible IT portfolio.

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