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HP Inc

Through our longstanding HP Inc partnership, we're able to offer sustainable, secure and innovative hardware solutions.

Partnership Overview

As a HP Power Partner, we have access to roadmaps and solutions that can provide mobility and improve productivity. Our partner status acts as proof of our ongoing commitment to keep our technical teams fully up-to-date with the latest product developments, in turn allowing us to give our customers the best and most current advice to make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure. 

The Ultima & HP Inc Partnership
HP Wolf Security

The evolution of employee workplace and workstyle has been accompanied by an increase in the quantity and complexity of malware and cyberthreats. To overcome these challenges, HP has developed HP Wolf Security, comprising of powerful solutions for keeping your organisation safe:

- With HP Sure Click Enterprise, files, applications and webpages are opened inside micro virtual machines; so even if a file contains malware, it’s trapped, and endpoints and user data stay protected.

- HP Wolf Pro Security Edition is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect small to medium businesses against malware and browser-based attacks without the need of IT or Policy management.

Partnership in Numbers

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Device As A Service

HP DaaS (Device as a Service) through Ultima makes it easier for our customers to manage the diversity of multi-OS desktops, workstations, and mobile devices so their businesses can operate at their full potential. As well as providing them with the kit they require at a monthly, instead of upfront cost, DaaS utilises predictive analytics to identify problems and fix them proactively, removing the need for downtime and the subsequent business impact it creates.

Our HP Inc Solutions

As a HP Inc Power Partner we spend huge amounts of time with them on an ongoing basis understanding changes in the market place, how they’re reacting to and driving those changes, and most importantly how the actions they’re taking can benefit customers.


Device proliferation and the addition of personal devices entering the workplace has challenged IT decision makers. Organisations today need to support the decentralised and remote workforce whilst keeping devices and data secure, however IT is often stretched thinly across essential initiatives. With HP Device as a Service (DaaS), you get the right devices, repair services, and AI-driven analytics for a predictable payment with flexible terms to optimise your cash flow.

HP Dragonfly

HP Inc have announced the released of the ‘lighter than air’ HP Elite Dragonfly, featuring a durable iridescent dragonfly blue finish, diamond cut accents and an impressive screen to body ratio.

HP Wolf Security

HP Wolf Security is a newly integrated portfolio of secure by design PCs and printers, hardware-enforced endpoint security software, and endpoint security services to deliver comprehensive endpoint protection and cyber-resiliency.

Rooted in Zero Trust principles, HP Wolf Security provides defence-in-depth and enhanced protection, privacy, and threat intelligence, gathering data at the endpoint to help protect the business.

HP Inc Amplify Impact Pledge

Ultima have joined the HP Amplify Impact programme, an industry-first partner assessment, resource and training programme aimed at driving meaningful change across its three Sustainable Impact pillars:

- Planet, with an emphasis on climate change
- People with an emphasis on human rights and social justice
- Community with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide.

Through this programme, Ultima will work with HP to assess our own practices while tapping into the HP’s extensive investments and initiatives.

Predictive analytics at your fingertips

In today’s workforce environment, employees are widely distributed, as are their PCs. Making sure devices stay up and running is more critical and challenging than ever before. HP Services, powered by the TechPulse platform, allow you to proactively find and prevent issues so they don’t cause employee downtime.

TechPulse is a cloud-based telemetry and analytics platform that aggregates critical data from devices and applications, putting deep insights at IT’s fingertips to predict and resolve device issues before they impact employees.

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