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Data Destruction

Free up space on your systems and gain regulatory compliance

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Avoid Data Loss Fines

In partnership with N2S, we offer a fully bespoke range of services for data erasure, shredding and destruction to meet all of your requirements. Our options extend to not only hard drives, but media devices, tapes and any other device which can hold or store critical data.

Data destruction helps protect your brand reputation against damage, and avoid fines associated with data loss - both of which are incredibly important with the General Data Protection Regulation now being enforced.

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GDPR whitepaper

GDPR White Paper for IT

We have produced this white paper to assess the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation, primarily from an IT perspective - examining the role that IT can, will and has to play in the implementation of the new requirements.

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Secure and Compliant

N2S are well practiced in the decommissioning and removal of equipment in live environments, from small comms rooms to large data centres.

The most common projects require mitigations such as HMG IAS 5 and a CAS-S certification as standard. 

- HDD shredding in accordance with CAS-S Code of practice
- Onsite destruction with Security Check (SC) cleared engineers
- Complete audit trail and asset tracking
- Component parts recycled in accordance with WEEE regulations

Levels of Data Destruction

N2S’ CAS-S certification provides data destruction at the highest levels within government departments. Depending on your needs, the following options are available:

  • Hard Drive Crushing
  • Alligator Shear
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Data Erasure Standard
  • Data Destruction CAS-S

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Do you have a store room overflowing with old IT kit? Do you need help to recycle or decommission it securely and compliantly?

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