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Configuration & Rollout Services

Benefit from a range of pre-delivery services

Our 5,000 sq. feet, fully ESD compliant configuration centre is linked to our primary warehouse and logistics facility.

Utilising our configuration centre ensures that every product leaving Ultima has been thoroughly tested and configured to your requirements.

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Configuration Services

Secure and controlled environment – Our configuration centre provides a dedicated location, which is both secure and controlled for more sensitive builds or deployments.

Image development – Using a variety of methods including VPN links directly to your system or the more simplistic USB sticks or disks, we can work with you to develop and maintain the images specific to you and your equipment. 

Customer-specific product builds – We have vast experience in building and testing desktops, laptops, servers and tablet devices. Established processes ensure that all new builds are fully tested and customer approved before being released and used on your equipment.

Asset tagging – Asset-tagging your equipment and recording your tag against the serial number of the products enables them to be shipped directly to users for immediate installation and use. Reports available on our customer portal Interact enable you to view your assets held in the warehouse, or quickly access the details of those products that have been shipped out.

DOA Testing – Our configuration engineers will make sure all systems are DOA tested before shipment so you can be assured equipment is working as soon as it arrives.

Rollout Services

We can ensure your users are ‘ready to go’ in the shortest time period.

Our rollout services typically involve the pre-configuration and asset tagging of systems, followed by the delivery and installation within agreed timeframes to meet your business requirements. Deliveries and installations are carried out by our own expert engineers and can be conducted overnight or at weekends, as required. 

Rolling out new systems can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive undertaking, but Ultima has considerable experience in this field and you can be assured that the rollout will be completed on time and within budget. Furthermore, it will free up your own in-house resource to focus on core business activities.

In addition to filling resource gaps, you can use our technical personnel for their specialist skills and knowledge, which can be transferred to existing team members.

We can provide a range of skilled IT personnel for any period from 1-2 days upwards and can cover the whole of the UK. In addition to the flexibility of our engagement periods, we are widely recognised for our responsiveness in being able to fill a temporary position at short notice, and in addressing any post-appointment compatibility issues.