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Remote Monitoring and Management

Infrastructure Management

Choosing our infrastructure management service, you decide whether to outsource a critical part or your entire core IT infrastructure. An on-demand service, it is flexible, scalable and cost-effective for your business.

Our Technical Service Centre guarantees that your systems are proactively monitored 24x7. Furthermore, we establish alerts on your systems that are triggered when particular thresholds are reached. It means we can take action before an incident occurs, minimising risk and reducing downtime.

If you want confidence that your business is running optimally at all times, why not contact us to arrange for a business manager to visit you? They will provide strategic advice, discuss the benefits and costs, and design a tailored remote monitoring and management solution to meet your needs.

Want proactively monitored systems?

Managed Security & Networking

Ultima offer a truly proactive level of monitoring and management to your network infrastructure - firewalls, switches, routers and all network attached devices.

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