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Patch as a Service

Secure and protect your business with fully managed patching

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Safe, protected and patched systems

This offering is available to help you secure and protect your business with fully managed patching. We have teamed up with Ivanti Patch to deliver a service that removes the pain of keeping your servers and client machines up to date and regularly patched. With more and more threats now apparent, the need for key security patches has never been greater. Ultima’s offering will keep your servers and endpoints up to date and patched regularly, allowing you to focus on other, more strategic, areas of your business. We aim to help you to decrease risk, while increasing security, and become compliant.

Ultima has created three easy service offerings to help you choose the package that’s right for you, each of which is aimed at helping you meet the needs of the business and provide peace of mind that your systems are safe, protected and patched.


Enables your servers to be patched with all the Microsoft Windows OS Critical and Security Updates, along with monthly compliance reporting and automatic addition of new servers. This solution confirms all your end points are patched monthly and their status reported back for node compliance.


Our Core offering, plus Microsoft Non-Critical and Application Updates, custom reports, emergency patching (including Zero Day vendor patches) and an aligned Service Delivery Manager (SDM). This is a comprehensive package for customers with a stronger security requirement.


Premium includes the deliverables of Core and Essentials, plus third party application patching, a full Discovery Assessment & Readiness Review and a Health Check - alongside fortnightly onsite assistance and troubleshooting to remediate patch failures.