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The Ultima Group are a collection of experts who help guide businesses through the always-on and confusing digital world which we call home. We know this place like the back of our hand, we understand our customers’ problems on a human level in order to develop and deliver digital solutions with solid foundations.

The Need to Stay Agile

The digital world keeps us on our toes - so we stay agile, eager to learn, and ahead of the game at all times. Let us be your guide and take your business into the technological future.

Advise - Always On IT

Most IT teams are wholly reactionary, set up to respond to incidents and end user problems as and when they occur. Despite the plethora of IT related issues being experienced across an organisation at any one time, support teams tend to only get involved when they have become severe enough and employees have nowhere else to turn. In many cases, IT don't know that users are experiencing widespread disruption or a slow-down in performance until it starts to impact productivity.

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Deploy - Planning For Every Outcome

Microsoft 365 is an evergreen platform, with many new features being added every year, some of which facilitate entirely new ways of working. Couple that with strategic changes which can dramatically alter the status quo (e.g. mergers and  acquisitions), organisations can quickly become out of step, resulting in a reduction in productivity and a poor perception of IT as a function. While it can be tempting to assume the hard work is done once a new software platform is deployed, success of a workspace transformation is largely dependent on end user adoption and the benefits derived from having a more productive workforce.

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Engage & Develop - Productivity and Collaboration Services

Productivity is often described as being a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory or system, in terms of the rate of output, per unit of input. When put into everyday terms, the IT systems that employees use to do their jobs, have a direct impact on how productive they can be, which in turn can affect the company's strategic objectives or bottom line. As the world has become more interconnected, so has the requirement to communicate and collaborate on a global scale and within a unified environment

SharePoint Online Migration Readiness

A migration recommendations report that provides a breakdown analysis of all areas of the migration in order to help you understand the planning and effort required to move to SharePoint Online.

Manage - Evergreen Services

For as much as Microsoft 365 can deliver, it still needs to be monitored, administered and supported. From user administration and policy management, to the configuration and deployment of exciting new services, these tasks form a never ending cycle that can sometimes be impacted by other priorities across the business. Since Microsoft 365 is evergreen, one might think that a transition is completed once you're adopted; however with hundreds of features being added every year and new tools and software being released into the suite, organisations can quickly become out of step.

Ultima Managed Workspace

By removing the complexity traditionally associated with EUC environments, we manage the device lifecycle, OS updates, security, application delivery, productivity, endpoint provisioning and 24x7 support, all under a simple monthly subscription.

Mission Critical Support

By selecting Mission Critical Support from Ultima, you can keep pace with change, safe in the knowledge that productivity services like Exchange, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint are fully supported.

Intelligent Service Desk

Having delivered service desks since 1998, we know how to deliver a robust, predictable and highly performant operation. Powered by ServiceNow and Thoughtonomy, we provide access to a single point of contact for all of your IT queries, service requests and incidents.

Why Ultima?

Ultima can help you with the end-to-end adoption process, from setup of the tenant and the identity model, to user on-boarding and data migration. We can eradicate organisational boundaries through seamless federation, making mobility seamless to the user and enabling teams to work smarter in a way that suits them.

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