Physical and Virtual

Organisations need to embrace the hybrid world of work we live in today- rethinking the way endpoint services are provisioned, maintained, and secured whilst maximising the end user experience.

The Industry Challenge

Keeping a desktop updated, secure and optimised is tough. In a world where a workplace is not always constrained to a corporate office, legacy methods of providing these services are no longer good enough.

Organisations need to rethink how they provide they right people, process, and technology to deliver a desktop, whether that be physical, virtual, or a combination of both, that provide value to the employee and the business.

Rise In Remote Working

According to a recent Forrester report, remote work will rise to 300% of pre-COVID-19 levels - Forrester Trends 2021

150% DaaS Increase

Gartner forecasts that the number of users for DaaS will grow by over 150% between 2020 and 2023 - Gartner 2021

Lower Device Management Costs

91% of companies lowered their device management costs after switching to Intune - Microsoft Ignite 2021

Our Capabilities
Strategy and Selection

Before jumping straight into technologies and features of the vast number of options available in the marketplace, it’s important to holistically understand the business requirements and the reasons for these requirements.

Our strategic advisory services can help you on the right path to providing a service that meets your needs.

Device Procurement and DaaS

Our partnerships with key desktop/laptop vendors such as HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft as well as thin client vendors including IGEL, Dell Wyse and HP allows us to provide competitive pricing of devices.


Regardless of whether you leverage physical or virtual desktops, our Professional Services can help you modernise your approach to delivering and securing these, leveraging cloud-hosted services where appropriate, providing flexibility for your employees safe in the knowledge your data and identity are secure.


Our 24x7 Managed Services division can take away the burden of managing these devices allowing your IT staff to focus on adding value for your employees. We can offer a range of services from our subscription based managed desktop service – Autonomous Workspace to bespoke managed service offerings for physical and virtual desktop solutions.

Digital Employee Experience

Improving the digital experience for your employees will unlock the potential they possess for driving business value. Before being able to improve digital employee experience we must first be able to measure it and so, with the help of the Aternity Digital Experience Management platform we can identify areas of improvement to help you unlock this potential.

The number of options for delivering and maintaining a desktop estate is immense, each with their pros and cons. With our impartial advice and years of experience within this space we have real pride in helping our customers provide the best service for their employees

Mark Elliott
Practice Lead - Modern Workspace
Webinar: Azure Virtual Desktop with Infrastructure as Code
Workspace Modernisation with Office 365 Case Study

NSK engaged Ultima to modernise their workspace environment by retiring legacy software which was out of support and designing, testing and implementing a new Office 365 environment which would provide greater functionality and maximise return on investment. The project needed to include consultancy, end-to-end project management and user training.

Why Choose Ultima?

Ultima support tens of thousands of users, across a broad cross-section of markets. While each is inherently different - from the demographic and sector, to the technology stack - we leverage our people, processes and hardware vendors (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, IGEL) to provide a first class service, acting as a seamless extension of your IT function.

Ultima are a 14 x Microsoft Gold Partner including “Windows and Devices” and “Enterprise Mobility Management” competencies which makes us the perfect partner to assist you with your physical and virtual desktop requirements.

No matter what stage of your journey you're at, Ultima can support you from end-to-end through strategy to procurement, Professional Services and Managed Services

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