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Data Lifecycle Management

Create an effective data management strategy to gain actionable insights and increase efficiency

The Challenge

Data is a crucial asset for any organisation, regardless of size or industry, however lack of proper data management can create inconsistent data sets, inefficiencies and data quality problems which prevent you from using the data to guide strategic decisions and leads to higher costs. In order to gain value from the data, you need to know what data you have, where it is, and how to use it.

The Solution

You need a data lifecycle strategy in place to ensure that data is classified, stored, protected, backed-up and expired appropriately. This strategy needs to take into account the different user types and their data access requirements and ensure the solution encompasses cost efficiencies, high performance and availability.

How We Can Help

As a leading provider of data centre consultancy services, Ultima maintain partnerships with leading technology vendors. Our team of certified specialists are able to deliver a broad range of storage solutions from block, file, unified and object, to software defined and hyper-converged solutions.


The three pillars upon which an effective data lifecycle strategy is built are:

Data Storage

​​​​​How we store our data. This could be data on primary, secondary or archival storage, either on-premises and/or in the public cloud. This is typically where data starts its lifecycle, so it is key that these platforms at a minimum, support data reduction technologies as the “first line of defence” to control storage cost.

Data Protection

How we ensure the valuable data on on-prem physical servers, VMs and in the cloud is protected and preserved through backups and archiving whilst enabling DR and Business Continuity in the most cost-effective manner. How we can leverage backed up data to serve the needs of development and testing without having to spend for extra storage.

Data Management

How we can manage the movement of data from primary to secondary to protection storage for each use case, cost effectively, whilst providing the best performance and availability. How we ensure data is valid and not redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) and how it can enable customers with Big Data and AI requirements. This can also cover how we can optimally manage the need for copies of data for test and development purposes.

Data Lifecycle Management

Modernise your data protection

Your data is critical to keeping your business running. Avoiding data loss and keeping costs in check are the main priorities, but balancing these objectives can still be a monumental challenge. With workloads accelerating to multi-cloud ecosystems and workers more often operating remotely, data is harder to manage and control than ever before.

Veeam Backup & Replication delivers dependable availability across all cloud, virtual and physical workloads with a simple, flexible and reliable solution. Protect your data no matter the location or workload type with powerful backup and instant recovery options.

Organisations can typically save anywhere from between 30-50% on storage expenditure whilst reducing risks with an effective data lifecycle strategy. These savings can typically be found by utilising modern storage and cloud platforms with effective tiering, archiving, classification and removal of ROT”.

Serge Meeuwsen
MDC Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect
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