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Technology is the cornerstone for most of today’s businesses. Making sure the technology we choose amplifies the capabilities of our business, mitigates the shortfalls, and empowers employees is the key challenge organisations face.

This also needs considering alongside budgetary constraints, so the choices made and the timing of these are of crucial importance.

The Industry Challenge

You may have heard about employees being frustrated by new tools and too many processes which can impede productivity, resulting in shadow IT being used by employees to regain efficiency. Or perhaps you’ve heard about organisations venturing into public cloud only to find out the costs are suddenly ballooning.

These examples show what can happen if strategies are not designed with the whole business in mind- including the organisational culture, the wider requirements of the business and the way IT is being run.


Business & Technology alignment

We help to align your business' technology, processes, and people so you can actually use IT to gain that edge you're after. 


Having the experience of multiple industries allows us to pool together ideas and apply best practice techniques

Not Just Technology

Technology forms a significant part of the equation but making sure it is being efficiently utilised is a different matter entirely.

If you don’t have a good strategy in place, then that goal you’re aiming for is really nothing more than a wish. And contrary to popular belief, a strategy is not a ‘set and forget’ thing. It evolves and changes with the business and market conditions, closely reflecting the requirements at hand.

An effective strategy, where you have projects under a single ‘umbrella’ to deliver a common goal with a clear budget boundary that will enable the business to be more efficient, can be very effective.

However, some businesses struggle to achieve this. This is where Ultima can help- we use our extensive experience to enrich your strategy, whilst also making the process less complex and deliver true business benefits.

Michal Minarik
Practice Lead - Business Consulting
Our Capabilities

We pride ourselves on being able to ‘capture’ the challenge end-to-end. We aim to understand your busines strategy and help you devise or review your technology strategy including all of its more technical components, giving you a set of deliverables that will enable you to execute it in the most efficient and impactful way. And because the core of the proposition is the business understanding, it is the business being the main beneficiary in terms of capability and efficiency.

Enterprise Technology Strategy

Devise a technology strategy that aligns with the business and its vision, capturing both current and future requirements and not forgetting about employees and the processes in place.

Cloud Strategy

Planning the journey and answering fundamental questions around pure, hybrid or multi-cloud. Making sure that not only do you have a vision, but also a timeline with a budget and set of deliverables that can help you get where you need to go.

Modern Datacentre Strategy

Defining what trends to follow, what processes to employ and what technology would make the most impact. Redefining the data centre and the ‘cloud’ to make a real measurable impact to the business, not just IT.

Workspace Strategy

Defining a workspace with productivity, efficiency and security as its core components. Giving employees the freedoms their require, while elevating your security and compliance posture.

Why Choose Ultima?

With a team of over 200 technical experts who have years of experience across a huge spectrum of industries and technologies, we can help you turn your vision into a success. We have experts on the ground daily helping customers achieve their goals, overcome challenges and make thinks work in new and imaginative ways.

This is why our recommendations do carry a punch. They can be realised, as we know what works, what does not and simply that your trust should always be backed by experience. Whether that is a technology, change of process, or significant shift in corporate culture.

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