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DevOps is one of the hot topics out there and you’re probably wondering if this methodology can really give you an edge, or if it’s just something for software developers. Our aim is to answer just that and show you how your organisation could benefit.

The Industry Challenge

It has been quite some time since we started moving to agile development. Whether it was just to follow suit, to capitalise on the benefits it can bring an organisation, or something forced onto us by suppliers, this approach made organisations reflect on how change is observed. With DevOps, this is even more pronounced.

With flatter management structures and freedoms being granted in the name of efficiency, we need more than ever to define the guiderails and manage the risks associated with rapid change.

Cultural Shift

Focusing on process and methodology itself is meaningless without employees being on-board, and not just because they have to, but because they are the ones who benefit. 

Managing Risk

Making sure the business fully understands the concepts and stands behind them, as those new concepts provide it with capabilities and agility not seen before.

Real Expertise

If done poorly, DevOps can consume large investments of time and money for very little gain. However, when done well, the benefits can be significant. 

Most of our customers are constantly trying to balance capability, cost, and risk. We believe that risk really is the major factor causing issues in terms of adoption. Part of our methodology focuses on just that- providing businesses with getting the flexibility, the speed and governance of the DevOps methodology, all whilst carefully managing the associated risks.

Michal Minarik
Practice Lead - Business Consulting
Our Capabilities

The popularity of DevOps stems from its far-reaching applicability. One organisation can use it to develop new products more quickly while the other can harness its power to significantly improve BAU processes internally. Whether you have implemented the methodology for a specific purpose and it just needs optimising, or you want to enrich your business with that capability, we are here to help.

DevOps Strategy

You may think DevOps might be for you, however without proper planning, your business may not reap the true benefits. Ultima can do a deep dive into your organisation and environment and identify what works and how, as well as how your culture stacks up in the face of change.

DevOps Adoption

With strategy focusing on the why and how, the adoption engagements focus on making it happen. Technology, process, tooling, and enabling employees.

DevOps Review

Once the processes and tooling is in place, we’ll help you assess whether your business is benefitting from the advertised advantages of this strategy. If not, we’ll help you find out why and recommend suitable remediation paths to get back on track.

DevOps Workshops

Perhaps you’re not entirely sure what benefits DevOps could bring you and you’d like to see some real-life examples. Our short workshop driven engagement will provide you with high-level guidance, advice on how to approach it, and some examples of successful transitions.

Why Choose Ultima?

With a team of over 200 technical experts who have years of experience across a huge spectrum of industries and technologies, we can help you turn your vision into a success. We have experts on the ground daily helping customers achieve their goals, overcome challenges and make things work in new and imaginative ways. This is why our recommendations do carry a punch.

They can be realised, as we know what works, what does not and simply that your trust should always be backed by experience. Whether that is a technology, change of process, or significant shift in corporate culture.

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