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IT on its own is not always the answer. The mix of various technologies enabling your business can be vast, complex, and very heavy to keep track of. At Ultima we know the technology is just part of the solution; it is the processes using the technology and the people governing it that really make it work.

Solutions, Tailored To You

The disconnect between business expectation and IT delivery is now wider than ever. Our aim is to fix that, by realigning the components, changing the processes, and doing things in innovative ways. In this fast-paced world, it's hugely advantageous to gain outside perspective from a partner who can bring in the experience of what works and what does not, tailored specifically to your business.

Key Services

Reinventing the wheel in-house is not easy and mistakes cost- not just money, but also trust and flexibility in the long term. We can help you avoid this and drive true value.

Business & technology alignment

We help to align your business' technology, processes, and people so you can actually use IT to gain that edge you're after. We help you achieve your objectives whilst providing proven capabilities and speed of delivery.

Consulting functions

Recruiting employees with top tier skill-sets is expensive and time-consuming, why not tap into our existing talent pool of highly experiences consultants who can drive innovation and meet your needs whilst respecting company culture.

Strategic advisory

Driving far reaching impacts and executing complex change is our core – whether it is Digital Transformation or wider IT strategies that are meant to reshape the way things are done. We can guide & advise you to make transitions as smooth as possible.

Tactical advisory

We can provide advisory in places where there can be limited internal experience in highly specific fields – such as supporting mergers and divestments, looking into a shift in terms of structure or even reviewing and reshaping your technology sustainability path.

“When devising a transformation project or a technology strategy, business often take inspiration from current trends and by looking at the competition. However, what we are often seeing, is they fail to account for the specific way their business works, for the unique culture and their heritage. Basically, for the things that make the business what it is today. Our focus is to leverage the understanding of those elements as well as our experience and put them into a digital perspective.”

Michal Minarik
Practice Lead - Business Consulting
Ultima's Capabilities

The following services are part of the proposition.

Fractional Roles

Enables your business to achieve enterprise-level and business-led objectives by getting the best out of existing technologies and integrating new technologies to go beyond just optimising IT. By using our industry-experienced experts, you can take advantage of our knowledge and accomplishments built over years of working across multiple sectors and disciplines.

IT/Technology Strategies

We can help you define, review or update your IT/technology strategy to work for the business today, but so that it also provides you with the ability to easily flex into the future as needed for innovation. The strategy engagements are of course not just about technology, but also the processes around them including proper adoption as well as change management.

Evergreen IT

We'll assist you in enabling your business to run services comprised of components that are always up to date. Our goal is to transition IT operations from predominantly manual to predominantly automated processes. Again, delivering evergreen IT is not a simple task and requires experience as we fight the biggest foe of all, human resistance to change.

Innovation Services

Figuring an innovative approach to becoming more agile and efficient is a complex task. A lot more complex should you not have prior experience. We can help you flesh out the plan, bring in ideas and even crosspollinate from different industries, to bring out the competitive edge of yours.

Digital Twin Services

How about envisioning what would happen if your business has suddenly implemented all those modern technologies, processes and employees knew how to make sense of it all? What would your business gain? What would be the capabilities and key differentiators? Let us take you on that journey.

Tactical Advisory

Looking to merge with another business and wondering how to make the technology work and how much is it going to cost? Or perhaps you are considering the journey to multi-cloud, wondering what the challenges might be. We are happy to provide answers to all of those queries, and many more...

Why Choose Ultima

With a team of over 200 technical experts who have years of experience across a huge spectrum of industries and technologies, we can help you turn your vision into a success. We have experts on the ground daily helping customers achieve their goals, overcome challenges and make thinks work in new and imaginative ways.

This is why our recommendations do carry a punch. They can be realised, as we know what works, what does not and simply that your trust should always be backed by experience. Whether that is a technology, change of process, or significant shift in corporate culture.

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