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Brexit Statement

Ultima Business Solutions is experiencing no immediate changes to its supply chain or the seamless movement of goods across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Our Brexit team will continue to follow events as they unfold throughout the year and we will continue to engage with customer and vendor partners as early as possible as more details of the future trading relationship with the EU and others becomes clear.

In order to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our business and the service we provide to our customers, we have taken the time to consider the possible impacts to Ultima and put plans in place to ensure there is no negative impact to our company or customers when the anticipated transition out of the EU in January 2021 takes place.

Supply Chain

Generally, Ultima does not foresee that there will be a material impact to the company from Brexit.  Our business is derived mainly from and supplied by companies in the UK, therefore changes to legislation and the practicalities of transacting with European Union will not have a significant impact on the business. Where the goods and services that we procure from the UK are originally from outside the UK, we have consulted with our supply chain and in return they have advised that their stock holding and supply chain is robust enough to withstand any import delay.

Data Protection

A ‘no deal’ Brexit may also have consequences relating to the way we use and process data as the UK would no longer be a signatory to European data protection legislation. Where Ultima holds data, we have selected UK data centres.  Some vendors and suppliers will hold data outside of the UK, for example Microsoft, which may be covered by the US Privacy Shield.

Employee Impact

Ultima strives to have a diverse workforce and has several employees from across the EU. We are working with these employees to ensure that we have appropriate visas in place in line with legislation where they will be required.

For any additional questions or queries please contact our Brexit team on