Windows Virtual Desktop Demystified

When talking to many customers there’s still an element of confusion over what WVD is and is not. And generally it is most of what you think it is, but not necessarily all of it. More confused now? Let’s try and help you.

In this video blog we discuss the difference between the WVD Service and WVD Entitlements, major benefits under WVD entitlements, and how you can use them with partner solutions like Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service.


As always, if you want to understand how you can leverage Windows Virtual Desktop (Service or Entitlements) contact your account manager or contact us here to arrange a discussion with one of our experts.


Why Ultima for Citrix & Microsoft

Ultima have extensive experience deploying Citrix solutions in Microsoft Azure and have worked closely with Citrix and Microsoft to ensure that customers attain the value of next-gen cloud hosted workspaces. Whether you are new to Microsoft Azure or an established consumer, Ultima can work with you to deliver an integrated and rich user experience leveraging the Citrix Cloud platform whilst also benefitting from a deep understanding of enterprise-scale virtual desktop solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Ultima offer services ranging from Strategy and Readiness Assessments, Design and Deployment Services, through to full lifecycle management of your Cloud Desktop and Microsoft Azure environment.

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