What's new in IA-Cloud Version 3.8?
Amyn Jaffer
Head of Ultima Labs

At Ultima Labs we’re pleased to announce version 3.8 of IA-Cloud has been released. This new version of IA-Cloud focuses on providing prospective customers more flexibility when buying IA-Cloud as well as some brand new and exciting features for all.

New SKUs, New Flexibility

Up until now IA-Cloud has been provided as a full product suite, giving customers complete end-to-end management, monitoring and optimisation services as a cloud management platform. Because of the breadth of functionality included in IA-Cloud and following feedback from customers IA-Cloud has now been split into two SKUs; Automate and Optimise:

IA-Cloud Automate – IA-Cloud Automate provides the full spectrum of cloud automation you’ve grown to love from IA-Cloud, from patching, to monitoring to evergreen documentation, but without the optimisation features. So, for customers that want an advanced cloud management platform but do not require optimisation services, this SKU is for you.

IA-Cloud Optimise – IA-Cloud Optimise enables you to take advantage of IA-Cloud’s analytics-based cost and performance optimisation features as a standalone product.  This is perfect for those organisations that have the management and monitoring aspects in hand but need help with cost reduction.

IA-Cloud Suite – You can still buy the full suite of IA-Cloud, and this is likely to be the default option for most environments and organisations that want to take advantage of everything that IA-Cloud has to offer. 


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And you can mix and match too – for some environments the full suite is suited to a majority of their Azure environment but they don’t require cloud automation for dev/test subscriptions for example.  The flexibility of our new licensing SKUs enables you to optimise your licensing as well as your Azure environment on a per subscription basis.


What’s next?

At Ultima Labs we’re obsessed about customer feedback and take it very seriously. We’ve been working on a couple of features following high demand for customers and we’re excited to enable these shortly after the release of version 3.8:

Simplified Cloud Management

Customers and partners often tell us how easy IA-Cloud is to use and are amazed that we’ve taken some very complicated concepts and distilled them into a simple and intuitive portal.  Much of the feedback has been that they want to avoid accessing the complex Azure portal altogether and want more surfaced through IA-Cloud.

Very soon, customers will gain access to our new Service Overview feature, which provides management information around monitoring status, malware status, patching set up and backup status. This reflects our primary ethos - making things as simple and as easy as possible.


Laying Foundations for New Security Capabilities

IA-Cloud 3.8 includes some “under the covers” changes to the product set to allow us to offer some additional security-centric features to our customers, surfacing metrics on how secure their Azure infrastructure is, as well as providing simplified exploit information, which has been a hot topic in the news recently.

These updates will very soon allow us to open up our new Security Compliance feature which will allow customers and partners to map their environments to industry standards such as CIS Benchmarks and ISO accreditation.  Watch this space…

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If you are interested in using IA-Cloud yourself, you can start with IA-Cloud Essentials, our free platform.


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