The value of supporting early in careers

At Ultima we are passionate about supporting early in careers and upskilling our workforce. Apprenticeship programmes are an important part of this, providing a learning structure and valuable work experience that helps us nurture skills and foster future business leaders.

In the information technology industry this has never been more important. The fast-paced industry requires a need for constant creativity and innovation. Having a diverse workforce of all ages encourages this. It is simple really, having a mixture of ages creates an environment where people have different opinions as the younger generation have grown up with different trends and technologies therefore allowing them to bring new ideas to the table. Find out more about how diversity drives innovation in our blog here.  

Apprenticeships are great way to plug any existing skills gaps we have, meaning our employees learn what they need for success in their chosen field. Our programmes are designed around each individual taking into consideration their needs.

We value not only attracting new talent but upskilling our workforce to retain our existing talent. In order to do this, we set out clear career progression paths for all employees. Apprenticeships are also a great way to do this as they allow us to source and develop the best individuals for our business, who will remain loyal due to us investing in them and nurturing their professional development.

Hear from a couple of our current apprentices on who they are and what they have achieved during their time at Ultima below.

Sanjay Sajufirst, Service Desk Apprentice at Ultima
My name is Sajay, I am an Apprentice Service Desk Engineer working on the Shared Service Desk, I am studying a level 3 qualification in becoming an infrastructure technician with QA apprenticeships. I chose Ultima as they provided me with a good opportunity to work as part of a team with a wealth of knowledge to learn from to help me gain a better understanding of working in the world of IT. Prior to this role I worked in finance so it was a big change for me from being the one on the phone to IT to being the one who’s taking over the screen and doing the fixing. I feel that the team I am working with have been a huge help to me by always being on hand to answer any questions where I am unsure of anything and are helping me reach my full potential in this career. I am looking forward to working onwards and upwards in this career as my experience grows!

Rajat Handa, TSC Service Desk Apprentice at Ultima
My name is Rajat and I am part of the TSC Service Desk team. I am working towards my level 3 Infrastructure apprenticeship at Ultima. I started my learning journey at the beginning of 2021, and it has been proved to be a very progressive career step. I chose Ultima as it’s a well-recognised innovative and growing tech company in the IT sector. Ultima has given me the platform, from where I have started a new career. I have been offered a great learning environment, and a friendly team to work with. After spending few months here, I can confidently say that Ultima is a great place to work. I am surrounded by people who help you learn and develop.

If you are interested in joining the Ultima team check out our careers page here to learn more about who we are and get in touch.

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