Using IA-Cloud to build the next generation cloud
Amyn Jaffer
Head Of Ultima Labs

Traditional methods of managing infrastructure is becoming no longer tenable, relying on agents and humans to do the bulk of the work is not a sustainable way of doing things and nowhere is this more apparent than in the public cloud. The public cloud in its very nature is designed to be highly flexible and automated, therefore trying to burden it with manual, cumbersome management tools moves the value that you would be able to gain from it. That being said, not managing the public cloud means that it ends up as the wild west, with costs spiralling and no controls or compliance on the environment.

So how do you manage your infrastructure in the public cloud but do so in an automated and agentless manner? That is where IA-Cloud Essentials can help. IA- Cloud Essentials is a software as a service platform built using cloud native technologies that provides monitoring, automated documentation, and cost management.


The monitoring that is provided as part of IA-Cloud Essentials is agentless and cloud native, allowing us to provide a zero-touch onboarding of machines into IA-Cloud Essentials. Instead of having to go in a manually configure agents and keep them up to date IA-Cloud Essentials returns the time taken for these activities to IT staff. Furthermore, the way in which the alerts are processed and presented provides all the information required to immediately start resolving issues, shortening time to resolution.


Typically, documentation gets put off when managing IT environments as it’s a time-consuming task that gets put on the back burner and often never done at all. This leads to inaccurate documentation which hampers your alibility to increase supportability, successfully manage costs and provide a secure environment. When it comes to disaster recovery or auditing this can provide a huge issue causing downtime or even fines if audits are fined.

Cost Management

Driving down cost is imperative in a modern IT environment, when you are being charged by the minute, in cases by the second, making sure that your environment is as efficient as possible. Therefore, as part of IA-Cloud Essentials we provide in dashboard cost savings designed to help you find resources that are not in use but still being charged. The cost savings that we provide as part of Autonomous Cloud Essentials can reduce customers Azure bills by as much as 10%.

If you are ready to go beyond IaaS machines within your next generation cloud you can take the step up into the full Autonomous Cloud service or IA-Cloud which build upon the functionality available in IA- Cloud Essentials and provide management for PaaS services, enhanced cost management and enhanced documentation.

If you'd like to learn more about IA-Cloud, take a look at our landing page to learn more

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