Ultima support World Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated annually over the past 50 years to drive awareness of environmental challenges that face our planet. Although we regularly hear about the current issues that our World faces, it isn’t always easy to know how we can truly make a difference. In this blog you will find out what Ultima and our employees are doing to support this initiative. We hope that this will inspire you to join us on the journey to healing our planet. 

At Ultima, we’re passionate about doing everything we can to support the local community, alongside taking care of the wider environment through responsible practices and using our technological expertise to help other businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

As part of this, we have invited employees to make an Eco Pledge- whether this be cycling to the shops instead of driving, growing their own vegetables, or avoiding single use plastic. For each Eco Pledge submitted, Ultima will plant a tree via the National Trust.

Here are some of the pledges we have had so far:
•    Walking/cycling shorter journeys to reduce vehicle emissions
•    Growing vegetables to become more self-sufficient
•    Moving away from plastic by using reusable shopping bags or reusable bottles from the milkman
•    Buying refillable cleaning products and personal care products
•    Supporting local and sustainable produce to reduce food miles
•    Reducing consumption of meat & animal products
•    Planting wild flowers to encourage insects and bees in the garden
•    Avoiding fast fashion and buying from responsible brands or second-hand shops

There are several other environmental and community initiatives Ultima are driving:

- As a partner to Microsoft UK, we share Microsoft’s global vision to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. We have signed their partner pledge to:
•    Ensure we are an ambassador of Microsoft UK’s Digital Skills initiatives
•    Ensure we are building AI in a responsible and ethical way, consistent with AI design principles
•    Ensure we are focused on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint 
•    Endeavour to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce
•    Endeavour to build accessible solutions and services, to empower our employees and customers with disabilities for a more inclusive future

- As a partner to HP Inc, we've also signed the HP Inc Amplify Impact Pledge, including 3 key initiatives:

•    Commit to join HP's Sustainable Impact journey and drive meaningful change
•    Assess our sustainability efforts and their impacts. View a peer-to-peer comparison & identify areas for improvement
•    Learn how to design sustainable initiatives via salesforce and HP Sustainable Impact trainings

- We participate in the Cycle2Work scheme, which provide employees with significant savings on the cost of a bike, encouraging them to cycle rather than drive and help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. This also supports the well-being of our employees encouraging them to stay active, get some fresh air and some well needed vitamin D.  

- Last summer, we encouraged employees to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint by growing their own vegetables. As part of this we launched a competition to encourage employees to share their home-grown crops in all their glory. A bonus was that they got to make some yummy home-made dinners with these that gave Gordon Ramsey a run for his money.

- In-line with our commitment to minimising negative environmental impact, our headquarters was built to maximise natural light and features energy efficient lighting throughout. All office-supplied equipment is provisioned to automatically ‘power off’ after a certain amount of idle time to reduce energy wastage, and we work with our partner N2S to ensure all our old IT is recycled and destroyed in the most environmental way possible.

- To reduce the consumption of single use plastic we provide employees with a welcome package including a reusable water bottle, coffee cup and lunchbox. Furthermore, we do not supply any disposable plastic such as cutlery or cups.

- Additionally, we help other organisations reduce their reliance on energy-expensive physical servers by moving towards cloud technologies, which use energy in a more streamlined and efficient way than traditional, in-house data centres.

We appreciate there is still a lot more we can all do to make a difference and Ultima will continue to innovate and support one of the most important issues our world is facing. We encourage our employees to take autonomy and think about the part they can play in changing the World for the better. Keep an eye on our social channels where we will share more of our employee pledges and share your ideas with us below!

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