Ultima at Citrix Summit - [The Updates]


With over 4,000 attendees, another highly successful Citrix Summit is drawing to a close. Some of the highlights from Citrix's annual partner conference include:


350x350_elastic-layering_01.png"Unidesk has been recognised by customers and industry analysts as the clear leader in application layering, offering multiple unique advantages that streamline secure app delivery and VDI deployments and make them easier to manage,” said Jeroen van Rotterdam, senior vice president of Engineering at Citrix. "By incorporating Unidesk technology into XenApp and XenDesktop, Citrix advances its industry leadership by offering the most powerful and easy to deploy application layering solution available for delivering and managing app and desktops in the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid deployment environments."

Unidesk offers a just-in-time method of delivering applications seamlessly into XenApp and XenDesktop environments without having to rebuild the master images.  An application can be easily packaged in minutes and delivered out to users instantly without performing time consuming administrative tasks on the production environment. For more information, visit the Unidesk website at: www.unidesk.com alternatively you can watch the following video on Elastic Layering for XenApp.



Citrix introduces new packages to transition from on-premise licenses to Citrix Cloud for existing customers and services that enable Citrix and Microsoft customers to deploy Windows 10 desktops on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Also, the provision of services to deploy apps directly on Azure, and Smart Tools to simplify the deployment of new work spaces

  • Applications - Any Application, Any Device, Anytime - highly differentiated Xen Family of products with rapid innovation. HDX Innovations, including layering with Unidesk
  • Networking - fully supporting Software Defined Networking - highly differentiated NetScaler products in core ADC, Gateway and SD-WAN. Gateway as a Service, Cloud Native VPX (for Azure and AWS), SD-WAN in Azure with zero touch deployment from the marketplace. Gain the capability to host your global server load balancing solution in a highly available cloud solution. 
  • Data - Enterprise grade file synchronisation and sharing capabilities - ShareFile differentiates against commodity storage providers, now with native work flow capabilities, complete data source integration and FedRAMP Compliance.
  • Cyber Security -  Virtualisation & end point security, Information Rights Management, Secure Gateway, DDoS Protection, Application and Weblisting, Integration with Identity and Access Management, delivered from the Azure cloud.
  • Cloud - XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials for Azure, XenMobile Essentials for EMS, MAS Hybrid Cloud Management as a Service in Citrix Cloud, Netscaler Gateway as a Service with InTune Integration!


Citrix also announced a new Citrix Ready partner initiative targeting the mid-market, with mobility and network management products and services that complement Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). This provides comprehensive security and value for Citrix and Microsoft customers. As Microsoft and Citrix recently announced a new partnership, this further strengthens their overall propositions, to learn more about this read the following article: Microsoft Partnership announced at Ignite


For customers who own existing XenApp or XenDesktop licenses, and want to move to the Citrix Cloud as a service, Citrix will be offering a set of transitions and trade-up offers. These cost-effective solutions enable existing Citrix customers with active subscription advantage or software maintenance to get the value of Citrix Cloud for not much more than the cost of renewing traditional software maintenance.


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