Thanksgiving with Ultima’s Women in Tech group

We have entered the holiday season with a popular annual holiday upon us—Thanksgiving. Christmas songs try to say otherwise, but it just doesn’t get better than expressing gratitude for all you have in your life, getting together with loved ones and stuffing yourself silly with a Thanksgiving classic – pumpkin pie. 

It is well known that there has always been a gender gap when it comes to women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) industries and although there is lots we have done, there is still so much more we can do. 

At Ultima we are open and respectful of everyone, and we understand the importance of a diverse workforce. We seek different viewpoints to enrich the work we do. We value and respect one another and encourage inter-team collaboration to work together in achieving excellence. We’re open about our processes and champion inclusive working. 

To coincide with Thanksgiving Day, we have asked a few members of our Women in Tech group why they enjoy working in tech and what they have been most thankful for in their career journey. 

Camilla Hoppitt, Project Manager at Ultima
I initially joined the IT industry in a Service Desk role for Ultima which I really enjoyed as I felt a great satisfaction from being able to help people. I quickly learned that IT is constantly evolving and adapting meaning that businesses were forever needing to encompass that and allow changes within their environments. It was then I explored the project management path in order not only to support them do this in a positive manner but also to get the best out of my strengths and skill set. My current role is rewarding as it is ever changing, and I am constantly able to deliver projects in new and exciting environments whilst meeting the expectations of customers whilst also being able to work collaboratively alongside a great team of techies!

The thing I love most about my role is the versatility of it and how different each week can be and the various different people I get to work alongside. Whether you’re working on one big full-time engagement or 10 smaller projects, there is always something new to learn and so many technologies to get to grips with.

I’m most thankful for my peers, the support I receive on a day-to-day basis is invaluable and it allows me to grow as an individual.

Andromeda Booth, Marketing Director at Just After Midnight
My work in the IT/digital space started by working at digital agencies, initially project managing website builds and then moving into a client servicing role, both of which gave me great exposure to the backbones of digital projects and how IT has a detrimental impact on how successful brands can be.
In my role as a Marketing Director, I have a unique opportunity to build the brand and see how it contributes to the business’ growth – this is what I love!
I’m most thankful for the team. I get to work with all parts of the business from the senior leaders to the great engineers across the globe. We are lucky to be surrounded by great talent who help our clients succeed.

Lauren Davis, Marketing Executive at Just After Midnight
I fell into the IT sector accidentally – I was studying for a master’s degree in International Relations and joined Just After Midnight as a part time role. However, I loved the team and the culture at JAM, and was asked to stay on post-graduation. 4 years on, I’m still here and have loved growing with the business. I love working in IT because it’s so fast paced – technology and digital processes are ever improving and there’s always something new to learn about.
I’m sure this will be a popular answer, but I’m most thankful for my team. The JAM marketing team works like a well-oiled machine, and all ideas are always welcomed and encouraged. I’ve been given the opportunity to lead some fantastic projects in the past couple of years and I’m grateful for a job that I’m excited to wake up and do each day. I also work closely with other parts of the business, from our sales team to our account managers and technical engineers and can honestly say that the #jamfam is like no other – everyone really cares about each other and there are always plenty of laughs on our daily calls.

Harriet Webb, Networking Product Specialist at Ultima
I started working in the IT industry because I had an interest in technology, and I realised how important it is in our world. When I was growing up my dad worked in the IT industry as well, so I was always surrounded by tech!  

My favourite thing about my role as a Networking Product Specialist is that no two days are the same, everyone has different problems which require different solutions, sometimes the more challenging something is the more interesting it can be. 

As everyone has said, I’m most thankful for the people I work with – I get to collaborate with people from all areas of the business, and also with our partners in the channel too.  Aside from the team, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to expand my knowledge and gain a better understanding in the industry we work in.  

Megan Smith, Employee Experience & Events Executive at Ultima
I started my career as an apprentice at Microsoft which is where I found my passion for the fast-paced nature of the IT industry and the constant need for innovation. Many ask why I chose to move away from Microsoft, and although I enjoyed my time there, I love being able to make a difference and see the impact I am having. This is much easier to do in a smaller company which is why I love my role here at Ultima who are also a Microsoft partner. 

My role is diverse, and I am doing something new every day while working cross functionally. Ultima is an employee first company and, in my role, I get to help drive that with internal marketing activities which allows me to meet lots of different people and hear lots of different ideas and stories along the way. The diverse group of people is where I get my spark from as it allows us to bounce ideas off each other to improve the business! 

Having joined in the pandemic I am thankful for everyone around me who has supported me including my manager and team who have given me a newfound confidence which allows me to smash my role every day.

Daljit Panessar, Sales Administrator at Ultima
I initially joined the IT industry 10 years ago at HP and I loved the great culture along with the buzz and busy atmosphere, each day was different. Being able to learn and develop yourself within the industry was great. When I was offered the opportunity to return to the IT industry at Ultima I jumped at the chance, I had heard such great things about the company! Over 3 years later I’m still here and enjoying my role. My team have helped me grow and develop myself both personally and professionally. It’s been a great pleasure supporting such an amazing team. I’m thankful for my role at Ultima, being able to wake up every day and work with amazing people in a great organisation. 

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