Tech: why it might be your kryptonite
Michal Minarik
Practice Lead - Business Consultancy

Today, the disconnect between business expectation and IT delivery is wider than ever. In this blog, we’ll look at why the technology that enables your business is just part of the solution, and some of the common mistakes made when it comes to implementing new tech.

We’re often reminded that the tech world is complex and dangerous- not just by bad actors trying to capitalise on our ‘incompetence’ to flawlessly execute on top of all the technology we have to make sure it’s bulletproof, but also third parties pitching us various capabilities that may or may not add value and may or may not be safe to use. Left, right and centre we hear what others do, how seamlessly they execute their strategies and how their market cap just keeps on rising. All enabled by this set of tech that we’d just be foolish not to adopt.

However, it’s important to appreciate the huge array of businesses out there and the vast differences between them and the services they provide to customers. Simply put, there is no ‘one size fits all’.

It’s key to remember that businesses are where they are today due to their unique strengths and the ability to execute on those. Generalised advice to accelerate growth sounds a lot crazier than advice to implement ‘this’ general piece of tech everyone is using – but the reality is that neither should be blindly followed. Sadly, this is happening all around us, with the cloud being the best example. Everyone wants it, very few know why.

That diversity and particular strength in a certain area is enabled by a set of particular IP, processes and foremost- the people involved. As soon as you involve people, there is culture forming up. Again, something clearly distinguishable between various businesses. And if you think about all of those together, the benefits of technology and technology investment itself start to come out in a very different light.

When a business executes on a decision, it clearly needs to know why that decision has been made, what benefits will result and what impacts these will have. Being able to explain those in great detail is the start. Being able to bring employees on-board and start changing the culture and processes slowly is the second step. And the technology that may be involved? Well, that is the least of our challenges.

When considering the tech to help us amplify our capabilities and strengths, we have to consider this in the context of our business, our culture, and our people. The tech bit may work elsewhere very well, but as businesses are very different, there is no one single metric you can follow here. Sometimes, ‘less is more’ in terms of managing the overarching process thanks to the overall simplicity. Sometimes, just a notebook will do. Sometimes, the cost of new services, process changes and the productivity loss is not even worth it mid-term. And do we really want to hope for ROI in the long term only?

Tech is not always the lifeboat and can even be the thing weighing us down. Planning, proper execution and consideration of who we are does wonders. And remember, ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’.

In this fast-paced world, it’s increasingly important to have an outside perspective from a partner who can bring in experience of what works and what does not, tailored specifically to the unique needs of your business. To learn about our Business Consultancy services, click here.

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