Simplify desktop & app management with VMware Horizon

Over the past few months, many customers have utilised VMware Horizon to virtualise desktops and applications to deliver secure remote access for at-home workers. VMware have recently announced a number of exciting innovations and cloud-native management services for Horizon to help customers scale their Horizon deployments in response to evolving needs.

As part of these updates, Horizon licensing will switch to a subscription model, and new perpetual Horizon licenses will not be available after 6th May 2021.

Subscription licensing will enable you to leverage new cloud-native services that simplify desktop and app management of existing on-premises deployments, unlock cloud options for HA/DR, burst and other popular hybrid use cases, and when you’re ready, move key workloads to the cloud.

Learn more about the benefits of this change below:

  1. Simplify desktop & app management: Subscription licensing simplifies management for existing on-premises deployments by leveraging new cloud-native services through the Horizon Control Plane. For example, Image and Application Management Services reduce image count, reduce time spent managing images across clouds and pods, and reduce app packaging complexity.
  2. Time efficiencies: These cloud services are always up-to-date, greatly simplifying maintenance overhead of Horizon infrastructure. You’ll also receive access to services such as Cloud Monitoring Service to help reduce downtime, and Horizon Lifecycle Management to simplify initial onboarding and configuration of Horizon environments on a wide variety of deployment options spanning on-premises and public clouds.
  3. No redeployment of on-premises resources: Take advantage of the benefits of cloud-native management services for simplifying your on-premises environments without having to re-deploy resources. There are also subscription options for pure on-premises requirements, enabling you to use your existing on-premises Horizon deployment without having to life & shift to cloud.
  4. Scalability: With access to a wide variety of cloud deployment options, IT can leverage bursting in a cost-effective manner and quickly scale VDI and app resources up and down without costly upfront capital purchases. IT can also use on-demand cloud resources for HA/DR scenarios without requiring a secondary or backup datacentre, which can be costly to set up and maintain. 
  5. Cost Efficiencies: With cost-effective upgrade pricing, capture the value of SaaS for your VDI and published app environments. The benefits of hybrid management and private and public cloud deployment options can help ensure success of your VDI and app deployments today and in the long-term.
  6. End user experience: VMware Workspace One provides a seamless employee experience on any device, from any location. These new Horizon cloud native services enable IT to further enhance employees’ digital workspace experiences from a single platform.

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