Introducing HPE GreenLake: The Cloud Experience, Everywhere
Ben Mills
Product Specialist - Modern Data Centre

Now more than ever, you need to be able to adapt quickly to change. HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, enabling you to adopt transformative technology faster and simplify your operations.

HPE GreenLake delivers public cloud services and infrastructure as-a-service for your workloads – on-premises, fully managed in a pay-per-use model at the edge, in colocations and in your data centre.

Scaling Your Business With HPE GreenLake

Solve your business challenges with a hybrid infrastructure as-as-service that gives you the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. Overcome the challenge of moving your data or apps with HPE GreenLake and run your workloads securely from the edge, colocations and data centres.

Why Choose GreenLake?

  • Real consumption models: based on metered usage with complete visibility and granularity into usage and costs
  • Full portfolio of services: offered as a service, as well as on-demand resources available through HPE Pointnext Services
  • Proven reference architecture: vital for new and existing digital transformation-driven IT projects
  • Comprehensive services: to manage infrastructure, capacity, costs, compliance, and more
  • Focus on ecosystem: deep set of partnerships to provide complete pay-per-use solutions including the hardware, software, and services you prefer

Getting The Cloud Experience

The cloud experience has shaped what business leaders expect of IT. HPE GreenLake delivers as-a-service cloud economics on-premises, as a pay-per-use model with no capital needed up front, and no overprovisioning of infrastructure.

  • Business agility: Move faster, get capacity when you need it, and accelerate app and services deployment
  • Simpler IT: Get expertise and support to help with routine tasks to free up your staff for more important business initiatives
  • Lower IT costs: Eliminate the need for upfront capital and prevent overprovisioning
  • Proper control: Easily monitor and manage performance, security, compliance, and data, as well as latency, risk and cost

Why Choose HPE GreenLake with Ultima?

At Ultima, we understand business requirements change rapidly. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that neither public cloud nor on-premises solutions are a silver bullet for most organisations’ needs. GreenLake bridges a number of these gaps and as well as being a longstanding HPE Gold Partner, Ultima are also a 13 times Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we are ideally placed to help you explore the full landscape and identify the right platform fit for each workload.

Get in touch with one of our technical consultants or your Ultima Account Manager to find out how we can help your business to innovate faster with HPE GreenLake cloud services.

Download our HPE GreenLake Datasheet here

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