Introducing Autonomous Extend

This year has brought big changes for all of us. Business priorities have been realigned over the last few months and IT departments have been at the heart of these changes. The first phase of this realignment has been getting things running, however now businesses are looking at how they simplify, optimise and align these solutions to their standard security practices.

On top of this, we are still in a very fluid situation which means that requirements are changing on a near daily basis, something that has not been the case for the vast majority of businesses for a long time.

Autonomous Extend has been specifically designed and built to help organisations navigate these uncertain times. Based on our Autonomous Cloud platform, Autonomous Extend allows businesses to rapidly and seamlessly utilise public cloud resources as an extension to their existing on-premises data centres without the need for existing cloud skills nor management tooling.


With the unprecedented demands placed on IT infrastructure as a result of remote connectivity and increased digital communications, traditional environments have struggled with aligning costs to usage as well as overall capacity. By leveraging cloud technologies at the back-end, these businesses can scale up far quicker, and perhaps just as importantly, scale down when the capacity is not needed.This provides the scale and flexibility that is needed to meet the dynamic demands which are changing on a daily basis.

The ability to only use the resources as and when you need them dove-tails neatly into our second point, being able to align costs to the resources that are being used. As we’re plunged into a new world, which is very different to four months ago, cashflow and a move to operational costs is becoming key to enabling business to keep the wheels turning. Based on the core tenets of the cloud, Autonomous Extend is built on the operational cost model removing capital expenditure all together.

With all of this in mind, one of the other major challenges of leveraging cloud infrastructure hasn’t just been scale or cost models, instead businesses have struggled with operationalising the cloud, lacking in the skills to manage and support the cloud.

This is where Autonomous Extend really comes into its own. Instead of incurring the time and cost of skilling up support staff on everything Azure, Ultima have created an automated platform to do this for you.

Our platform takes on business as usual tasks from backups to patching and even documentation to allow our customers to focus on what’s needed to get through these uncertain times.

If you would like to learn more, download our datasheet here

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