IA-Connect 8.0 Is Here – Simpler, Better, More Powerful

It’s been a little while since we released version 7.2 of IA-Connect, which included some much anticipated feature enhancements such as Mainframe and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Support, as well as making licensing and logging access simpler. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on some much bigger and even more exciting changes- release 8.0 of IA-Connect is here!


Release 8.0 introduces a major step change in the usability of IA-Connect, enabling developers to create automated processes over Citrix, Microsoft RDS or Microsoft WVD with a redesigned, simplified and more powerful Inspector, and support for even more scenarios and regions. Here are some of the highlights:

Mouse-over Inspection

Enabling our customers to automate over remote sessions is complex, especially when you consider that IA-Connect has zero-footprint on the Citrix or Microsoft RDS/WVD hosts. Where possible, we’ve worked hard to provide developers with a native experience, giving them access to all of the same functionality and user experience that they would expect when using Blue Prism natively for application inspection. However, over remote sessions this isn’t always easy and in previous versions of IA-Connect, inspection of applications over a remote session was performed purely at the Digital Worker end, with feedback from the remote session being displayed to the developer in tables to be interrogated. 

Whilst this approach was effective and provided functionality far superior to the built-in alternative, image-based automation, it led to developers needing to work in a slightly different manner than they’re used to, i.e. in a native scenario they would typically be rolling the mouse over the target application to identify various elements.

There’s been overwhelming demand for mouse-over inspection for IA-Connect, which initially seemed impossible whilst maintaining zero-footprint on the remote session hosts. We’ve worked hard over the past few months, and thanks to our expertise in both Citrix and Blue Prism, we’re now able to include this functionality in Release 8.0! Mouse-over Inspection is a game-changer for Blue Prism developers, helping to speed up automation development and provide intuitive and simple inspection of target applications over remote sessions – all whilst maintaining the same zero-footprint requirement as previous versions.

Java Application Support

We’re increasingly coming across customers who have complex Java applications which are hosted over Citrix.  Java applications are notoriously difficult to automate even when hosted locally, and even more so over a Citrix or RDS connection. IA-Connect now includes full support for Java applications (and Java applets embedded in web pages) over remote sessions, enabling you to inspect and automate them as you would a standard Windows application – and all the functionality of Mouse-Over Inspection is also available for those remote Java applications.

Multi-language Support

IA-Connect has gone global, and with that comes the challenges of internationalisation. Within Release 8.0 of IA-Connect we’ve embedded a framework to enable multi-language support. IA-Connect is able to automate applications in any language, but the framework also enables developers from non-English speaking territories to customise the Inspector to their own language, making development using IA-Connect even easier, removing the language barrier for all global territories.

Advanced UIA Inspection

Whilst many of the applications our customers automate are straightforward to inspect, unfortunately this is not the case for all applications, particularly legacy ones which are ripe for automation and can realise significant value if automated. Previously, the IA-Connect Inspector worked incredibly effectively for most applications, but it was more time consuming to develop custom filters or search queries for complex or legacy applications.

Release 8.0 introduces Advanced UIA Inspection, giving Blue Prism developers more flexibility and control directly in the IA-Connect Inspector, enabling them to adjust element attributes, search filters and sort ordering, and to pinpoint the elements they’re automating with greater accuracy, reducing errors and exceptions in runtime.

All in all, Release 8.0 of IA-Connect is simpler, better and more powerful than its predecessors and we are pleased to announce that as of the 14th September, Release 8.0 is live. 

Why not sign-up for a 30 day free trial of IA-Connect, which is available for the evaluation of IA-Connect with your Blue Prism or Blue Prism Cloud platform.

Blue Prism Award Winner

Last month, Ultima were delighted to receive an award for the Regional Technology Alliance Program Affiliate Partner of the Year for its excellence in delivering IA-Connect. The award was testament to Ultima's expertise in delivering intelligent automation capabilities to digitally transform how organisations operate, compete, and innovate. Read more here.


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