IA-Cloud Version 3.7 Release
Amyn Jaffer
Head of Ultima Labs

At Ultima Labs we are pleased to announce that IA-Cloud has now reached version 3.7! This version increases the breadth of cost saving capabilities within the platform, enhances the reporting and simplifies installation

Cost Saving Capabilities

Prior to version 3.7 IA-Cloud already provided industry leading capabilities in cost optimisation, leveraging 18 different metrics to provide savings of up to 30%. Within version 3.7 we have improved our capabilities around licensing as well as how you can leverage your spend more efficiently.

Licensing can be a hugely costly part of running services in the public cloud, for a lot of customers they will have existing licensing with Software Assurance (SA), this allows you to use those licenses in the cloud as well. As part of IA-Cloud we point out where this can be done.

Within 3.7 we will now also show where unmanaged disks are being used, whilst not directly cost saving moving to managed disks provides an SLA to these resources and in most cases there are no cost implications in doing so! The only slight limitation with managed disks is that you can only have 50,000 per subscription, in most cases this will far exceed what you’ll be using!

There are also optimisations around how we make recommendations on burstable instances and well as greater visibility of what SKUs are currently in use for services, providing you more information to make decisions upon.

Enhanced Reporting

One of the pieces of feedback that we received from customers is that they wanted greater visibility into what automation is happening within there environment. Within 3.7 we are providing that visibility.

Premium customers will now receive a weekly email based report, as of today that is going to detail the number of services that have been onboarded into IA-Cloud, information around the alerting as well as reminders around the documentation and optimisation.

The summary that is provided of the alerting will provide high level stats that cover the number of alerts by severity as well as highlighting the most common alerts that are triggered as these might need to have root cause analysis done against them to truly resolve the issue.

New installer

We want to make onboarding into IA-Cloud as simple as possible, therefore the installer has gone through a redesign to allow you to leverage some of the existing constructs you may have in the cloud today as well as making is visually easier to navigate around.

IA-Cloud has always used tagging to segregate resources into different logical constructs, however in version 3.7 we are allowing customer to use existing tagging or define their own new tagging schema as part of the install.

We have also improved the region selection, IA-Cloud can now automatically detect while region to deploy into, or you can specify this yourself if you wish. Once again trying to simplify the install process.

At the end there is now a complete summary page so you can validate your decisions before deploying IA-Cloud.