How IA-Connect: JML Edition Supports Your Identity Access Management Solutions
Amyn Jaffer
Head of Ultima Labs

Traditional onboarding solutions such as Identity and Access Management systems help us to manage our Joiners, Movers and Leavers using policies.

These rely heavily on target systems having available APIs and connectors to enable and disable access. This works well for contemporary and cloud-based systems but often not so well for web portals, legacy or bespoke systems and those on-premises applications that are core to your onboarding process for providing things like VPN and building access.

JML processes extend far beyond just providing access to your core applications.

The introduction of any manual steps in the end-to-end process for Joiners, Movers or Leavers introduces risk of errors and delays. By automating the entire process using IA-Connect: JML Edition, you can be confident that your systems are secure, and your users are getting the best possible experience. 


IA-Connect doesn’t just rely on standard API access.  Where needed, our proprietary, patented RPA engine interacts with applications at the user interface layer to enable you to automate more systems and to give you the flexibility you need to automate your processes end-to-end. 

This combination of API and RPA capability sets IA-Connect apart from any other employee onboarding solution on the market.

IA-Connect can be used as a complete automation solution for your JML processes or used to augment any IAM solutions you currently have in place.

How IA-Connect: JML Edition Works

IA-Connect integrates with Microsoft Power Automate cloud-flows to provide you with an intuitive, SaaS-based solution that requires no on-premises infrastructure. Getting started is easy and whether you decide to go it alone or to lean on us, you can be up and running in no time. 

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