Ensure you're fully prepared with an efficient and secure DR solution

In these uncertain times, disaster recovery of core infrastructure services is one of the major factors keeping corporations up at night - and for very good reason. 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months.

The Challenge

The issue facing businesses is preparing for disaster recovery and having the infrastructure, location, capability and capacity ready to go before it happens. Often other priorities exceed this, or businesses struggle for the required investment, skill and required testing capabilities to make sure they’re ready should the worst happen. This can mean that when disaster recovery finally comes around, businesses can be caught out, or their budget doesn’t stretch to a fully functional disaster recovery solution that is fit for purpose.

Much of this also comes down to regularly testing your disaster recovery solution, which is often fraught with danger and complexity in doing a full test- 41% of businesses haven’t tested their disaster recovery solution in the last 6 months or don’t know if it has ever been tested.

The Solution

Using our automation expertise and the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud, we can build you a best practice IT ‘data centre’ environment for your on-premises workloads, ready to go in just a few hours rather than days or weeks.

Our Autonomous DR solution includes security protection and non-disruptive testing of virtual machines. As this is built in the cloud, costs are significantly reduced compared to on-premises DR solutions as you simply pay for the services you use.

As an option add-on, we can also deploy our Autonomous Cloud managed service solution to manage and optimise your DR environment.

Case Study – Brunelcare

Brunelcare- a charity providing high quality housing, care and support for older people in the South West, were looking for a disaster recovery solution for their core infrastructure services. Their current DR environment was approaching EOL and they were also keen to move to an OPEX costing model. Further requirements included an offsite copy of backups to be held and the solution need to be easy to manage and fully supported.

The solution implemented included Ultima’s Autonomous DR, reconfiguration of their Veeam environment for offsite backups and Autonomous Cloud to monitor and manage the environment and drive cost efficiencies.

This resulted in a secure and comprehensive DR solution, lower costs due to OPEX costing, cloud-based storage and optimisation, and reduced management burden through Autonomous Cloud.

To learn more, read the case study below or get in touch with your Account Manager today.

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