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Challenge 1: Work is no longer a place

The workplace has changed- we’ve switched from offices and desktops to virtual meetings and portable devices, and people expect it to be as adaptable as they are. As the requirement for user-friendly, cloud-based services grows, the centre of work is shifting to the cloud. But managing a proliferation of apps scattered across clouds and data centres is unwieldy, increases your security risks, and puts a strain on productivity.

Workers traditionally started their days on-site, logging into computers that had everything they needed. Apps and content lived in the data centre, and it was easy for IT to manage network security. Now, apps and data are spread across data centres and clouds. Third-party SaaS apps are proliferating. And people are working from anywhere on a broad spectrum of devices. All this has made IT environments increasingly complex.

Challenge 2: Traditional workspaces hurt productivity

  • Too many user credentials: The use of multiple applications is associated with multiple sign-ins, which stifles productivity and causes security risks as with multiple usernames and passwords to remember, bad password habits proliferate. Multiple credentials make it difficult for IT to adjust global access and increases costs associated with password resets and managing multiple access management systems.
  • Fragmented workflows: With employees managing multiple processes in different applications, workflows are fragmented, and processes are often redundant. For example, finance might use one application for expenses and another for reimbursement, but without a process for keeping them in sync.
  • Inconsistent user experiences: Cloud applications are often optimised for different browsers, devices, or operating systems, leaving employees with disparate user experiences. With minimum oversight capabilities, this makes it difficult for IT teams to solve issues. This also often limits the range of devices that employees can use for unique or special-purpose applications.
  • App and data limitations: When employees are limited to apps native to their device, they lack the flexibility to work how, when, and where they need to. The same is true of data- employees can’t be productive when they’re unable to access, edit, sync, and share files across devices and apps.

Overcoming these challenges with a Citrix digital workspace

To deliver the experience your employees expect, IT must develop an evolved approach that allows for not only robust visibility but also better control of networks, services, and diverse apps and devices. When your organisation has a secure digital workspace, you help integrate everything to secure and simplify IT management today and in the future.

Unlike the traditional workspace, a digital workspace always serves up the right experience at the right time. It’s engineered to increase visibility and simplify management of all apps, desktops, data, and devices — and to give employees the unified experience they need to be productive.

Key features

  • Single sign-on: SSO lets users sign in once to access all their SaaS, web, or virtual applications. It also permits IT to grant and revoke global employee access during onboarding or termination.
  • Integrated workflows: Provide logical integration between applications, as well as a stateful application environment for employees to work.
  • Consistent user experience: Ensure that no matter what application is paired with what device, the experience is consistent, the performance rivals native, and the application functionality is automatically adapted to device features.
  • Governance in IT’s hands: With a single control pane across all applications, whether in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment, IT can easily manage data and access across the organisation
  • Contextual access and security controls: IT can apply security and rights in a contextual manner, based on devices, networks, locations, and user behaviour. With more granular insights, IT can grant user access (or partial access) to approved devices, security posture of devices, and user locations. That way, IT can be confident about maintaining a security posture while providing users with the best-possible access to their workspace.
  • End-to-end visibility and user behaviour analytics: IT teams won’t have to go into multiple applications to gather analytics and attempt to compare them across different metrics. Instead, they can use the consolidated information across applications to provide actionable insights.

Harnessing the power of cloud to drive productivity

  • Simply deliver the apps and data people need: Users can access all their apps from a single app store, with a consistent experience across their devices. Plus, it’s easy for IT to apply uniform policies across all apps, reducing IT administration and management time.
  • Improve performance with unified analytics: Citrix’s workspace solution collects advanced security, app, and network analytics to help you improve performance, spot potential problems, and get early warning of security issues, from the data centre to branch and mobile employees. Get actionable insights across all apps and platforms through a single dashboard, saving you the time and hassle of analysing individual data sources. It also provides risk categorisation for users based on their past and current actions and automates enforcement of security policies to prevent any misuse.
  • Unify access to apps across hybrid environments: Whether provisioned as an IT service from the enterprise data centre, one or more third-party clouds, SaaS providers, or a mix of on-premises and public cloud services, Citrix Workspace provides secure and single-sign-on access to data and apps deployed in data centre, cloud, or delivered as SaaS. It delivers high security to any endpoint, whether on a corporate-owned or unmanaged employee device.

Making the most of your Citrix Cloud investment

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