Safeguard against business disruption, data loss, and financial damage.
Michael Skitt
Solutions Architect

Keeping email safe continues to be the biggest challenge that IT and security teams face. From business email compromise and spear phishing to weaponised attachments and malicious URLs, there have never been more ways for attackers to get in – and those tactics change and get more sophisticated all the time. The simple fact remains that securing email is one of the most important steps organisations can take to safeguard against business disruption, data loss, and financial damage.

The Mimecast Solution Framework enables organisations to increase security by protecting the different email ‘zones’ based on business and technical requirements:

Perimeter Defence (Zone 1)

Protect the perimeter against targeted threats, malicious URLs, dangerous attachments, impersonations, malware, and spam. Includes: Mimecast Secure Email Gateway + Targeted Threat Protection (URL, Attachment, Impersonation)

Comprehensive Defence (Zone 2)

Whilst protecting the perimeter is vital, the internal network cannot be ignored. Prevent the lateral spread of threats with Internal Email Protect which applies protection measures to internal mail. In addition, it’s important to recognise that with received email, staff are the last line of defence. Increase security awareness by engaging employees with humorous training specifically designed to educate on a range of security topics such as how to identify potential threats etc.

Includes: Perimeter Defence, Internal Email Protect, Awareness Training

Pervasive Defence (Zone 3)

Go beyond your perimeter to actively seek and eliminate brand impersonation attacks – all while securing the perimeter and inside your network.

Includes: Comprehensive Defence, DMARC Analyzer, Brand Exploit Protect

Cyber Resilience Foundations

Protection at the perimeter and inside the network minimises disruption – resilience keeps your organisation working even during a cyber event. 

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides real-time access to email during email system outages, enabling your users to continue to use email whilst core email infrastructure is offline.

Mimecast Sync & Recover allows you to synchronise your users' mailbox folder structure, calendar content, and contacts from Exchange On-Premises or Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) mailboxes with Mimecast archive. This provides a greater user experience during continuity events and also provides the ability to restore deleted mailbox items back into the users Exchange mailbox.

Includes: Perimeter Defence (Zone 1), Comprehensive Defence (Zone 2), Continuity, Sync & Recover

Cyber Resilience Pro

Protection against email-based threats is mandatory, but a more effective strategy requires a broader perspective. Mimecast Cyber Resilience Pro is designed to maximize your opportunities to break the attack chain at your perimeter, inside your network and beyond.

Web Security: Protects your employees and guest Wi-Fi users against malicious and inappropriate websites with a 100% cloud-based service that integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent cyber protection.

Large File Send: Ensures employees can easily and securely share large files up to 2GB via email whilst maintaining corporate security, compliance and data retention policies

Secure Messaging: Enables employees to securely send confidential and sensitive information via email with administrator defined and user selectable controls and policies

Privacy Pack: Dedicated lexicons designed for those needing to identify personally identifiable information (PII), financial or healthcare related data

99-Year Retention: Long term data retention with a multipurpose cloud archive for compliance, e-Discovery, case review, restoration of email and increased user productivity

Includes: Perimeter Defence (Zone 1), Comprehensive Defence (Zone 2), Cyber Resilience Foundations, Web Security, Large File Send, Secure Messaging, Privacy Pack, Archive

Why Ultima?

Ultima are a Mimecast Premier Partner, having worked together for a number of years delivering cloud-based email security, archiving and continuity solutions for Exchange & Office 365. Ultima also hold Gold Partner status with Microsoft, making us the ideal partner to advise your organisation.

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