Citrix Cloud Success Programme

Migrating users from on-premises to cloud licensing can seem daunting and you might lack the required in-house skills to ensure you're maximising value from your Citrix Cloud subscription. As a complimentary service, Citrix have introduced a Cloud Success programme to help increase user adoption.

The two main factors that inhibit an organisation’s migration to Citrix Cloud licensing are ROI and complexity. While Citrix Cloud isn’t a public cloud service (rather a management platform that hosts your Citrix services), migrating your users from on-premises to cloud licensing can be a daunting prospect. You may feel that the risk of something going wrong is too high and that a lack of in house skills or spare capacity renders any migration unfeasible. Citrix recognises these challenges and has invested heavily in the development of a Customer Success Management programme to help you onboard your users from on-premises to cloud and quickly facilitate the adoption of these feature-rich licenses.

As well as being a Citrix Platinum partner, Ultima are the first UK partner and one of the few EMEA partners to be invited onto Citrix’s Cloud Success programme. At no extra cost, we can align a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to aid the utilisation of your cloud licensing, enabling you to realise the value from your subscription and accelerate the return on your investment. So let’s see how you can benefit:

- Set clear business goals and track progress through a personalised success plan aligned to measure      business outcomes.
- Leverage expert guidance, accelerating your deployment with an aligned Citrix Sales Engineer (CSE).
- Drive end-user adoption by sharing tried and tested strategies.
- Boost your ROI by introducing you to new product features and use cases.

Qualifying customers will have access to a CSE who can provide baseline configuration services including environment discovery, prerequisite guidance and AD authentication. While the scope of this programme does not include custom design, advanced configuration, third party installation, or environment optimisation, Ultima’s workspace advisory services can help bridge that gap.

Think of the CSM as your Citrix cloud license project manager who will offer guidance on the use of Citrix subscription services, provide access to digital planning tools and resources, and loop in technical resource if you’re struggling to migrate your users from on-prem to cloud licensing and need assistance surpassing technical roadblocks. Once you’re set-up, we’ll work together driving adoption and increasing active usage, ensuring your goals are met.

To get started, contact your Account Manager today or contact us here.

Award-Winning Partnership

Over the past 20 years, Ultima have developed a strong, strategic relationship with Citrix, maintaining a large team of licensing, technical and sales specialists. Ultima are a Citrix Platinum Solutions Advisor and have been awarded 2019 Worldwide Partner of the Year, as well as 2020 Workspace Partner of the Year.

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