Check Point CPX 360 Highlights
Mark Goringe
MDC Security Solutions Architect

What’s happening at Check Point during 2021?  The annual conference kicked off virtually this year, with the Ultima Security Team in attendance to dive into the detail and deliver you the highlights.

The CPX360 conference is Check Point’s biggest event of the year with over 23,000 registrants. The event brings together security product experts, R&D teams, partners and customers to showcase updates in the Check Point portfolio, keynote speeches from industry experts such as Chris Krebs (former US Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), and breakout sessions to deep dive into specific technologies and products.

Gil Shwed, CEO and founder of Check Point opened the summit defining this year’s theme as “New World New Opportunities”. This covers how working patterns have been permanently redefined, how security risks have changed, and takes a look at a post COVID era that requires new solutions. Check Point report that the workplace will remain much more disrupted, that 74% of companies plan to enable large scale remote working permanently and maintain a level of hybrid operation.  

Gil also commented on the significant surge in sophisticated cyber attacks - which he views as a Cyber pandemic. This has been evidenced by the recent Sunburst supply chain attack which had potential impact on 18,000 organisations and government bodies, and the Emotet malware infrastructure which affected 1 in 5 organisations worldwide and successfully brought down by law enforcement in January.

The strategy for Check Point in 2021 is to enable customers to make their IT systems secure with the best prevention technologies, make them simpler with the best gold standard management and make them integrated with consolidated solutions.  Check Point have redefined their portfolio of more than 80 products into four new solution families:

  • Quantum – Secure the networks.  Branch, Enterprise, Datacentre Gateway Appliances
  • CloudGuard – Secure the cloud. Cloud network, workload, posture, DevSecOps and WebApp protection
  • Harmony – Secure the Users and Access. SASE Connect, Endpoint, Browser, Mobile, Email & Office
  • Infinity Vision – Unified Management.  On-premise appliance, SaaS Portal, SOC, XDR and Threat Intel.

Check Point also announced numerous new developments in all product families, many available now such as:

  • Quantum Spark branch office gateways with up to 2Gbps throughput and mobile management
  • CloudGuard AppSec Web Application and API Protection
  • Harmony Connect Zero Trust Remote access
  • Harmony Browse secured browser internet access
  • Infinity R81 Cloud Management and autonomous threat prevention policies

Or in early availability such as:

  • Quantum Flash Datacentre appliances with up to 200Gbps line rate throughput
  • CloudGuard Workload protection, container posture management and vulnerability scanning
  • Quantum IOT automated device detection and protection
  • Inline Web Zero Phishing protection
  • Harmony Connect VPN Remote Access

Even more planned in the roadmap! The future of cyber security looks impressive, with development in all areas and products.

Please watch our webinar for more details on these topics and other announcements from this year’s seminar. Click here for the on-demand recording


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