Benefit from financial flexibility with HPE GreenLake
Ben Mills
Product Specialist - Modern Data Centre

In the wake of the last 12 months the vast majority of technology driven companies have had to review their approach to IT delivery. The result of this is many businesses- from the giants like Mastercard and Twitter- to the smallest IT support team, are finding themselves perhaps shutting down their physical offices for good, or giving employees the option to work from home indefinitely. Affording this flexibility to employees has started a cultural shift to how we think about business resources as a whole. If the workforce can be productive while flexible, why can’t the services the workforce use also follow a similar path?

Of course we aren't suggesting every employee takes a blade home to plug it in and create a distributed Frankenstein’s monstrous infrastructure, however bringing the cloud to your business is now in the realms of reality rather than taking your entire business to the cloud.

HPE GreenLake shares the flexibility of cloud operating with the capabilities of on-premises deployments in an 'as a service' model. As with all service models there must be a process behind it to make it work, we'll explore that in a typical scenario below.

As a business responding to the flexible era of IT, you need all the right tools available to you. Perhaps you have some workloads in the cloud already, but the majority of your infrastructure is based on-premises and is starting to show its age.

You request a consultation around modernisation of your hardware and processes with an interest in what HPE GreenLake can do for you. The first step we take is to have a detailed conversation with you and HPE to understand your current situation and what you would love to see at the end of the project. This part is the key to success, as HPE GreenLake can be tailored for your exact requirements today rather than guess what you may need 3 years in the future.

We work with HPE to analyse and produce a cost estimate on a monthly term for the workload capability that you need, and with your approval set the wheels in motion.

HPE then build your new infrastructure specific to your requirements, while you have the peace of mind that the build and service is guaranteed by the experts. Once complete it is delivered, installed, and configured in your desired location (again, by the experts!).

Once online you now have the power of not only your new infrastructure but also your cloud capabilities at your fingertips in a simple-to-use portal interface. You can manage workloads, scale up or down your environment, optimise costs, and even shift processes between the cloud and your infrastructure right from the HPE GreenLake management portal.

With room for expansion already built in to your installation at no extra cost, you have room to grow at your own pace, while at the same time HPE will assist you in expanding the capabilities of your infrastructure when the time is right for you.

You may find that the cost of never again worrying about hardware installations or eye-watering capex invoices is a lot cheaper than expected! Speak to the team today to get started or click here to learn more.

To learn about all the latest updates announced at HPE's Technology & Solutions Summit, watch our webinar recording here.

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